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5 misconceptions about being overweight

 5 misconceptions about being overweight

Misconceptions about weight gain persist. We separate right from wrong.

1 / Pasta makes you fat

Cooked judiciously, with vegetables, they are no more fattening than the rest. "Choose whole-grain pasta, which provides satiating fiber and carbohydrates," says dietitian Angelique Hulbert.

2/ Skipping a meal prevents weight gain

It is not necessary, because the body has regulatory mechanisms that ensure the maintenance of weight balance. He then interprets this deprivation as caloric restriction, which he will compensate by reducing his energy expenditure and demanding more food afterwards: this is compensatory overeating. On the other hand, space meals with an interval of 14 hours (consecutive fasting) are beneficial for health.

3/ Bet on sweeteners

No, because these chemical additives keep cravings for sweetness at bay. Several studies have also shown that it can disrupt glucose metabolism and lead to an imbalance of the intestinal flora. So it's best to allow yourself, from time to time, real fruit juice instead of diet soda.

4 / Pleasant foods are bad for your personality

On the contrary, it is necessary to have a mouthful of pleasure, otherwise it is the door open to the chaotic crack. "For the diet to be effective, it should not be restrictive, it is necessary to keep small deviations," says Dr. Reginald Alloush. But be careful, no more than three per month, and respect an interval of at least 5 days between each sprain. »

5/ We inevitably grow as we age

Calorie needs decrease over the years, but this is enough to reduce your rations and not give up sports to maintain your healthy weight. At menopause, weight gain is also not systematic. Estrogen deficiency mainly results from a change in the distribution of adipose tissue that reaches the abdomen as well as the thighs and buttocks.


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