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5 fatty foods that help you lose weight

 5 fatty foods that help you lose weight

Bye, bye, guilt! We stop depriving ourselves of cheese or avocado: Like other foods known as fats, they are not harmful to your health and even beneficial for the streak. Check out these comfort foods that make dieting easier and make us happy.

Cheese, helps to lose weight if it is chosen well

When monitoring your weight, it is usually the food you cut out first. Of course, calories. But not all varieties are equal. And provided your serving is moderate (30 or 40 grams, they are nutritionally correct) and you don't overdo it with bread and butter, you have a right to enjoy it. Moreover, cheese is not banned from balanced diets. Evidence: The Weight Watchers method, for example, allows for

 Metzer, one of the lowest-calorie cheeses. Today there is a lighter version that remains delicious. Another variety you like: Canquilot, a specialty that turns out to be lighter than fresh cream on steamed potatoes! Also good, St Morêt which can replace butter in sandwiches thanks to its smooth texture. Just like fresh goat cheese...and for homemade pizza, mozzarella (19% fat) is always better than Gruyère (30% fat). So, make the right choices, and remember that cheese also brings a lot of salt, which is why it should not be consumed in excess.

Avocado that calms the feeling of hunger

Avocado does not make you fat. It's just the opposite! The reason why nutritionists are rehabilitating him today. Admittedly, it provides the maximum amount of fatty acids, but these are the good fatty acids, the ones that are said to be "monounsaturated." The result: these fats do not clog the arteries and even reduce the level of cholesterol! In addition, it provides the maximum amount of fiber (6.7 grams per 100 grams) and this is also beneficial for health and slimming. Because this good fiber causes you

 to feel full more quickly and helps you stop permanently. Lots of assets that make avocado an excellent appetite suppressant. According to one study, eating half an avocado at lunchtime can reduce hunger by 40% for several hours...which reduces the desire to snack. According to another study, it helps to eat healthy food because people who consume it regularly have a lower body mass index, and they also tend to eat more fruits and vegetables. Of course, we don't add vinaigrette, its soft and creamy pulp is enough to satisfy a glutton....

Nuts, full of good fats

For a change of almonds and hazelnuts, nibble on nuts! On the off chance that you're a little hungry, it's even healthier than cookies. Rustic, this nut should be rediscovered because it fits perfectly in all directions: cholesterol-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan/vegetarian, and low-sodium (low-salt). Another plus: Nuts are good fats! They provide polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-6

 (linoleic acids) and omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acids). They cannot be synthesized by the body, these substances must be supplied on a daily basis through food. With nuts, it is easy to get your share and thus protect the cardiovascular system and fight against bad cholesterol! To maintain its nutritional properties, store in a cool, dry place with walnut oil, away from heat and light or directly in the refrigerator.

Sardines are rich in protein

Sardines are part of the family of fatty fish such as salmon. But with a big advantage: it doesn't cost much! Fresh or canned, it is really a good slimming and muscle friend thanks to its high-quality proteins. They are also full of precious substances: the famous omega-3 that protects our health, starting with the health of the heart. As part of a balanced diet, regular consumption of sardines would reduce

 the risk of death from cardiovascular disease! These super omega-3s also have anti-inflammatory effects and are beneficial in treating diseases like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease. They are also involved in the prevention of depressive-type mood disorders. Also good are the cousins ​​of the little bluefish: mackerel, herring ...

Spread, if homemade

Surprised to find it on this list! So we are not going to lie to each other, the trade spreads are not slimming at all. But if you do it yourself, it changes everything! Helen Baribou, nutritionist, isn't averse to this little pleasure, but rather credits us with her healthy recipe. For a 650g bowl: 350g pitted and chopped dates + 63g unsweetened cocoa powder + 250g creamy marzipan + a few drops of vanilla. So

 no added sugar or bad fats! But the sweet flavor is there thanks to dates, which are rich in minerals and fibres. Thus, the calories ingested are reduced by one tablespoon to 50 calories. Helen Baribeau advises spreading one or two teaspoons on wholemeal bread (which has a low glycemic index) in the morning or afternoon, when sluggish. If a nutritionist was the one telling us, it would be a mistake to deny ourselves!


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