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4 tips to lose your double chin

 4 tips to lose your double chin

The double chin, an area with fat under the chin, may be related to weight gain, a hormonal problem, or even a loss of tone due to aging. How do you make it disappear?

The area of ​​fat under the chin is called the "double chin". This can generally appear in women and men from the age of thirty, due to the loss of tone due to aging. But a double chin, which may be hereditary, can also be linked to a hormonal problem that requires treatment, or to weight gain. How do you get rid of it and restore a well-defined jaw line and neck?

Weight loss

A double chin is often caused by a few extra pounds. To get rid of a double chin, consider starting to rebalance your nutritional intake and engage in regular physical activity. This will help lose stored fat. Eating a healthy diet and exercising will also reduce your risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, heart disease or stroke.

quit bad habits

A diet that is too sweet or too salty or even excessive alcohol consumption is often a cause of fat gain, especially a double chin. Cut back on refined sugars that don't provide the body with nutrients, don't overindulge in salt, and reduce your alcohol consumption.

Tone your neck and chin

Facial gymnastics fights wrinkles, but also strengthens the muscles of the face and neck. Muscles and skin will be stimulated, and their cohesion will increase. To do this, place the thumb under the chin, open the mouth while maintaining resistance with the thumb. You have to stay five seconds and repeat the activity five times. Another exercise: pull your tongue out as far as possible to put the skin of your neck under pressure. Repeat ten times. It is also recommended to move your head to the right or left with your chin stuck to your neck.

You can also sit in a chair with your back straight, then tilt your head back. Look at the ceiling, push the palate with the tongue for ten seconds. Then relax your neck and jaw by gently rotating your head to one side and then to the other. Repeat the activity five to ten times. Another alternative: with your head tilted back, looking at the ceiling, and holding your lips as if you wanted to kiss her. This will tighten the area under the chin. To finish, place a small sponge ball under the chin and tap it with the ball. Repeat 25 times a day.

surgical intervention

Surgery can radically remove a double chin. There are several surgical procedures aimed at reducing or eliminating the fat in the lower neck. However, the cost is high and these procedures can leave minor marks, such as small scars on the face.


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