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4 tips to lighten the raclette while having fun

 4 tips to lighten the raclette while having fun

Raclette is too rich and indigestible? Not necessarily if you prepare it without falling into high-calorie traps. explore

A good raclette when it's cold is one of the pleasures of winter and snow. Except that this comforting dish is a calorie bomb if you make it with typical cheese (200g = 680 calories!), plump charcuterie (2 slices of Rosette de Leon = 160 calories, 2 slices Bayonne = 115 calories) and basic potatoes ( 200g = 150 calories)...not to mention a glass(s) of white wine! Aiding co-living, we reach 2,000 calories per person for one meal, which corresponds to all regulatory calories for three meals throughout the day...

Fortunately, it is possible to lighten the raclette without losing flavor. With some simple tricks


The upper lightness is the mixture. Replace a spoonful of this low-fat (4%) specialty with half a slice of raclette cheese (45% fat) that you add to the pan at the end of cooking.

You might prefer other cheeses that don't add much to your calorie bill: light Camembert, mozzarella, goat cheese, Emmental...

Counter-Nutrition Tip: Don't regularly add cheese to melt once the cup is empty! Take the time to savor what's on your plate and listen to how full you feel so you don't eat too much.

cold meat

Dried pork is rich in fat. So substitute Bayonne, rosehip or other dry sausage for a good white ham (one slice of 50g = 70 calories) or why not roast turkey slices (100g = 125 calories) less fat and tasty.


A trendy idea, replace all or part of it with sweet potatoes, which are among the least starchy foods in terms of calories! Due to the low glycemic index, carbohydrates (sugars) are digested more slowly, avoiding glycemic spikes (high blood sugar levels) that flatten soon after a meal.


Along with the classic cucumber and white onion (only 10 calories per 80 grams), leave a large salad bowl on the table filled with a nice green salad with a bowl of spicy vinaigrette plus a few nuts. Also offer a variety of vegetables: fresh mushrooms, steamed cauliflower, sliced ​​peppers... Greenery provides fibre, minerals, color, variety... Lots of factors that increase satiety and prevent overeating fatty and very salty foods. .


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