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4 preconceived ideas about cellulite to forget urgently

 4 preconceived ideas about cellulite to forget urgently

We talk about it a lot, we complain about it, we fear it, but do we really know it?

It is essential for health

forged. It is the subcutaneous fat, the hypodermis, that plays an important role. "It is made up of fat cells called adipocytes. These cells contain substances that communicate with the rest of the body: for example leptin, which sends messages to the brain to regulate appetite," explains Dr. Blanchmaison, phlebologist in Paris. Its thickness is between 8 and 12 mm. Beyond that, it's the cellulite that settles on the hips, thighs, and stomach... which is useless!

Some women are not affected

TRUE. "Cellulite affects the majority of women, even skinny ones. It's a genetic lottery! But great athletes or those who eat by matching the needs of their cells with their desires," confirms Dr. Blanchmaison.

Effective anti-cellulite creams

true and false. Caffeine, in a test tube, is able to destroy adipocytes. Most of these creams contain it but in low doses - 5% maximum - which limits their effectiveness. "On the other hand, the massage necessary to apply it has a mechanical effect that leads to a biological response. Stretching the body or moving the body stimulates lipolysis, in other words the melting of fats," explains Dr. Blanchimeson.

Cellulite just because of diet

forged. A very fatty and sweet diet enhances its appearance. But there are also other factors: a hormonal imbalance that promotes the entry of fat into adipocytes, and thus their storage. Or genetics: "Lipases, enzymes capable of destroying adipocytes, are genetically programmed. Some women have lipases that are lazy and store fat easily. Others have a very active lipase that helps get rid of it," explains the specialist.

To get rid of cellulite

The massage, which is performed at a pressure between 90 and 160 millibars, improves fibrosis and water retention which are two components of cellulite. This can be done manually or with a device (type Cellu M6). Pay attention, massage is not painful because it is more effective. Other options: high-intensity focused ultrasound or cryotherapy. As for liposuction, it depends on the experience of the surgeon and the type of cellulite.


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