4 Flat Stomach Potions to Make Yourself This Summer

 4 Flat Stomach Potions to Make Yourself This Summer

To empty our little tummy, nothing like these natural recipes for regulating transit and cleansing the intestines.

Stop the gases from herbal tea

Cramps and bloating ... and the size of the abdomen doubles after eating! It is necessary to introduce a small infusion.

Ingredients. 5 basil leaves (fresh in summer, dry in winter)

the recipe. Boil 25 cl of water. Toss the basil into the pot. Leave to infuse for ten minutes. Drink after meals.

Why is it good? The main benefits of basil are the digestive system. It contains methyl chavicol, an antispasmodic ether that relieves tight bellies by reducing gas.

Obour Professional Juice

Many women complain of slight bloating due to frequent constipation ... If tasted on an empty stomach, this "dose" stimulates transit.

Ingredients. 2 small kiwis, 50 to 70 g of berries.

the recipe. Kiwi peel. Cut it into pieces. Put them in the bowl of a blender or blender with the berries. Mix for barely 5 seconds so as not to break down all the transient fibers hidden in the pulp. Drink when you get up thirty minutes before breakfast.

Why is it good? This fruit contains substances (xylitol, sorbitol, organic acids) that ferment in the intestines and activate the motility of the digestive system.

Flat stomach boil

Based on the seeds, this drink can be taken as a remedy for fifteen days, to quench stomach pain and provide lasting relief to the stomach by reducing the production of gases.

Ingredients. 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds.

the recipe. Crush the fennel in a mortar. Pour into a saucepan containing 25 cl of boiling water. Simmer for 2 minutes and then leave to marinate for 10 minutes, covered. Strain and taste in small sips, an hour after the two main meals.

Why is it good? The antispasmodic fennel seed reduces stomach ache while preventing fermentation phenomena that increase waist circumference.

repair bandage

By repairing the walls of the intestine after a major intestinal upset (diarrhea type) or an excess of raw vegetables that significantly speeded up transit and caused a swollen abdomen, this drink purifies the waistline.

Ingredients. 2 teaspoons of white clay.

the recipe. Pour the clay into a large glass of mineral water. Stir for two minutes using a wooden spoon. Cover and let it cool overnight. Drink a third of the product in the morning without shaking it. The clay should remain at the bottom of the glass.

Why is it good? Clay protects the intestines by acting as a "plaster" whose healing properties allow it to regenerate.

Green anise, an anti-air weapon

It combats flatulence with its powerful active ingredient, anethole, which prevents the fermentation of food in the intestines. Consuming anise tea on an empty stomach fifteen to thirty minutes before a meal, thus reduces the risk of aerobic infection. Jump up, belly shrinks!

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