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3 tips to fight salty cravings

 3 tips to fight salty cravings

Faced with a piece of cheese or a slice of sausage, it's sometimes hard to resist! There are solutions to stop giving in to cravings for salty foods. Discover the advice of a nutritionist.

1. Anticipate food cravings

If you want to avoid getting caught eating potato chips or peanuts, it's best not to leave anything to chance! So, nothing like a well-deserved shopping list.

It makes sense, but if we don't fill our cabinets and refrigerator with greasy and salty snacks, we won't be tempted!

Another helpful tip for anticipating salt cravings: Drink a large glass of water. A gesture that allows you to be full and avoid snacking, especially when meals are approaching.

2. Reducing salt and fat intake

Back off the salty, why not, but you still have to pick the right products!

Obviously, choosing cheese is not recommended when you pay attention to your streak. Therefore, it is recommended to prefer foods that limit the intake of fat and salt.

Cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, and cucumbers are healthy, tasty options. For even more flavour, it's entirely possible to dip them in a 0% cottage cheese sauce seasoned with spices or seasonings, such as a curry.

An egg is also a good alternative as it is rich in protein and thus satiating. For a 100% slimming snack, a white omelette is the perfect solution. But hard-boiled eggs are also an option, even if the yolks are more greasy.

Another possibility: cucumbers and pickles. Dipped in brine, it's not too calorie-dense and has the advantage of being uplifting.

More classic but just as effective, traditional toast, revisited for the occasion. For this, we use wholemeal bread, 0% cheese and a slice of white ham or turkey breast.

3. Find alternatives

What if instead of buying a box of industrial potato chips, we opted for homemade?

This option allows you to control the amount of fat and salt while you enjoy the taste!

To do this, simply cut the potatoes into very thin slices using a mandolin for example, and then immerse them in boiling water to cook them. Finally, put it on a baking sheet and bake. Guaranteed crunchy effect!

If you're short on time, but still want some crunch, almonds are a good choice. Rich in protein and fiber, they are very satisfying. And since they need to be chewed well, this affects the feeling of satiety. And in order for this solution to remain healthy, we do not exceed fifteen almonds!

Fancy a charcuterie plate? There are also alternatives to traditional sausage. For example, you can bet on meat from Graubünden, which is lower in fat or find your way into our list of low-calorie deli meats.


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