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2019 New Slimming Products: Four Innovative Techniques to Test

 2019 New Slimming Products: Four Innovative Techniques to Test

Summer is fast approaching. Sometimes a balanced diet and physical exercise are not enough to erase some bulges or lose the few remaining kilograms. Some help would be welcome: discover four totally innovative techniques for finding a slimmer, more toned body.

Revolu'Sculpt from Carlance Institute

Technology: one machine and four technologies combined:

infrared discharge;

high-frequency electromagnetic waves to refine it;

suction of the skin for reshaping (according to the modern rolling principle, the skin is suctioned and compressed with rollers);

Liposuction - cavitation to smoothing (ultrasound propagation through deep vibrations).

Effects: Revolu'Sculpt treatments can have very rapid (skin firming) effects and they appear incrementally as sessions progress: smoothing cellulite, boosting collagen production, destroying adipocytes and eliminating deep and established fatty deposits, and improving blood circulation. Reshaping, firming the skin.

How is the treatment going? After the diagnosis and device test session (20 minutes), clients can choose the area or areas to be treated: shorts, stomach or arms. It is recommended to perform at least 8 attack sessions for noticeable and lasting results. Each session lasts between 10 minutes (for the stomach or arms) and 30 minutes (for the Bermuda area). You can then continue with more sporadic maintenance sessions.

Price: diagnostics and testing of the device: 29 euros; Shorts area: 59 euros; Stomach, arm or rebel area 24 euros.

Intensive package 8 sessions starting from €169; Maintenance package 10 sessions from 209 euros; Weight loss package of the year 18 sessions starting from 319 euros

LaserLipo Strawberry

Technology: The Strawberry 5G slimming system emits cold, low-level laser radiation. It reaches the membranes of fat cells (adipocytes) without breaking or disturbing them. Thus triglycerides are released and used by the body as an energy source. The fat cells are released from the accumulated waste and return to their normal size.

Effects: This technique is painless and does not disrupt the body's physiology. Topical slimming is allowed, for both men and women. The results are fast and permanent.

How is the treatment going? During an initial interview, the practitioner asks you to fill out a questionnaire. It then records your weight and measurements which will be written down on an individual tracking sheet. Each session lasts 10 minutes. The treated area is then measured to confirm the volumetric loss. For optimal efficacy, the recommended treatment is 8 sessions of 10 minutes each spread over 8 weeks. You can choose from different areas to be treated: abdomen/stomach, hips, thighs, fatty deposits on the back, 'love handles', arms (under the biceps), areas above the knee, double chin.

Hopper 360® EVOLUTION

Technology: Thanks to a pre-designed program, according to a person's needs and goals, this large connected machine, provided by well-equipped physiotherapists, makes it possible to perform both sheathing, coordination and physical exercises. 'balance.

Effects: In just a few sessions, you can harmoniously tone your body, work your coordination, balance and posture and, as a bonus, strengthen your cardiovascular health. This new technology promises fat loss from 5 minutes of exercise up to 30 minutes after exercise.

How is the treatment going? After a thorough initial assessment of physical abilities, which is carried out together with a physiotherapist, a customized program is created in order to achieve the set goals at a given time: improving joint comfort, strengthening the back, losing a few pounds, improving thighs, achieving balancing gains, rehabilitating a weakened area From the body ... the person stands on a motorized platform, facing the screen, and can start the session, following the instructions of the device.

The goal is to maintain the exact position, after more or less intense movement of the board. Small challenges, in the form of games, allow for more muscle toning, balance or coordination work. At the end of the session, the quantitative results are displayed and saved to continue in the next session and monitor progress.


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