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18 traps that prevent us from losing weight

 18 traps that prevent us from losing weight

Preconceptions persist in diets, you become aware of your bad habits and easily correct the situation.

Do you feel like you are putting in a lot of effort but still struggling to lose your pounds? Don't worry, reassures Véronique Liesse, nutritionist and author of "My Weight Loss Without Dieting bible" (Edition Leduc). According to this expert, “There must be something wrong with the way you eat or more broadly in your lifestyle. Excess weight can also be explained by hormonal imbalance or imbalance of the gut flora or flora.”

Diet: Don't put pressure on yourself!

Wanting to lose weight fast is a mistake. She risks regaining her pounds quickly once one puts an end to their diet. Not to mention frustration! In any case, be patient and do not stress yourself: losing weight slowly is a guarantee of long-term success. For dietician Veronique Lysey, a restrictive diet that makes you lose weight is clearly never the answer, as it will definitely have a "yo-yo effect". Winning strategies for maintaining a healthy weight are relatively easy to implement and can be summed up in five key principles:

  • Build your meals well so that they have a glycemic index
  • Distribute calories wisely throughout the day
  • Eat enough plants
  • Moving to a minimum is preferable to slimming
  • Maintaining harmony and pleasure in eating


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