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15 tips to burn the most calories

 15 tips to burn the most calories

Burning calories isn't just about running every morning. Here are fifteen tips and tricks to get rid of as many as possible, sometimes without any effort, and while having fun.

Calories are an integral part of our lives. If running or dancing allows you to exercise, other methods are just as effective and sometimes require less effort.

Calories: What are they?

Before we get too deep into it, it's important to understand exactly what a calorie is. As the MSD Manual explains, calories (or "kcal") are units of measurement for energy. Thus, all the foods we eat contain calories. The energy provided is essential to the body because it will allow the cells to "perform their functions" properly. For this reason, the human body burns calories while at rest.

In fact, between 60% and 70% of the total energy expenditure is attributed to the proper functioning of our bodies. This ensures, for example, the process of breathing and maintaining body temperature or the activity of certain vital organs. Digestion accounts for 10% of all energy expenditure. The rest will therefore be done through physical and sports activities.

Calorie intake varies depending on several factors

So how many calories do we need per day? It depends on "many factors" that indicate the location of VIDAL. These include age, gender, height, weight, and level of physical activity. The recommended dietary intake for adults consists of three sources of calories:

  • carbohydrates (55%)
  • fat (30%)
  • Proteins (15%)

Power requirements are given as an indication only. For a man, this is on average 2,400 to 2,600 calories per day. For a woman, that would turn out to be between 1,800 and 2,200 calories per day.

Calories: What is your basal metabolic rate?

When talking about calories, it is necessary to look at the concept of "basic metabolism". This is the minimum energy required for our body to ensure all vital functions. Again, basal metabolism varies by gender, weight or size of each.

Increasing your basal metabolism, through regular physical activity or a balanced diet, allows you to shed more calories and thus lose weight more easily.

How do you burn the most calories?

How do you burn the most calories? Exercise is not the only solution! And yes, there are many other activities, sometimes very simple, that allow you to put in as much effort as possible.

eat pepper

According to Dr. Laurence Lévy-Dunel, an endocrinologist and nutritionist and author of Slimming food (Editions Eyrolles), peppers are an ideal vegetable for the line. First, because it is low in calories: 20 calories per 100 grams. Then, as it limits fat storage, it suppresses appetite and removes some of the sugars. So we do not deprive ourselves of it! There are also other fat-burning vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower.

Stretching exercises for five minutes a day

Instead of rushing out of bed for breakfast, take a few minutes to stretch and get your body moving again, says health and nutrition expert Sioux Berger. If you get used to it, you'll burn 40 calories in five minutes every morning. Is it worth it!

drink vitamin c

Vitamin C is considered one of the most effective means for weight loss, as it speeds up the metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar levels and slows down the storage of sugars as fat.

Therefore, usually choose forms: every morning on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before breakfast, drink lemon juice diluted in a little water. Thanks to its fat-burning properties, this drink helps the body eliminate toxins more easily.

You can also eat other fruits rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, kiwis, black currants, strawberries, or even guavas. Some vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, watercress, etc.) are also rich in it.

Take Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium stimulates digestive enzymatic activity, reports Natalie Voglin, nutritionist and author of My Little Fat Burners Recipes (First Edition). Thus, a diet rich in it promotes weight loss. Its daily consumption will reduce the spontaneous accumulation of fat in adipose tissue.

As for magnesium, the specialist praises it: it provides cells with oxygen, which helps to get rid of fat. In fact, it is they that cause the glycerides to be expelled from adipose tissue.

Bet on the best sources, which are the waters rich in magnesium (Rosanna, Contrex, Heber, Courmayeur, Badoet, Arvi) and those rich in calcium (Hepar, Courmayeur, Contrex, Vitel, sulfites, Coyzac ...). You can also choose vegetables that contain these two minerals such as zucchini, beets, carrots, spinach, or even fennel.

Swimming in the chest

Diving into water a few degrees cooler than your body actually burns calories. In fact, it will be difficult to maintain its temperature: so it will require more energy. You don't need to be an experienced swimmer, nor be exhausted, for swimming to have silhouette effects. Swimming on the chest simply uses as much energy, if not more, than front crawl!

So head to the pool at least once a week. In the summer, if you are on vacation at sea, swim for ten minutes each time you swim. So, if you do a one-hour swimming session at the end of the day, you can easily burn 400 calories.

drink mate tea

It's very strong in caffeine, says Sylvie Hambekian, pharmacological toxicologist and author of My List of Essential Oils (Éditions Marabout), and it has diuretic and fat-burning effects. You can add bitter orange oil to enhance this action. For a slight licorice flavor, add dandelion and stevia, which will be sweetened without adding calories.

For the recipe, you will need infusion or 1 teaspoon of mate tea or herbal detox tea (meadowsweet, black currant leaves, cherry stems, etc.), 25 cl of boiling water, 1 teaspoon of liquid dandelion, a drop of bitter orange oil, and a pinch of stevia powder or crystals; Bring the water to a boil, then steep the yerba mate or herbal tea for five minutes away from the heat. Pour into a glass, then add dandelion liquid and sprinkle with bitter orange oil. Sweeten with stevia, mix and enjoy!

Drink this herbal tea at the end of a meal for two to three weeks to boost your slimming diet. However, do not exceed three cups a day and keep it consumption for the first part of the day.

Lower the internal temperature

Our offices and apartments are often very hot. Lowering the temperature by a degree or two really saves money. In addition, it is useful for weight loss! In fact, we will burn more calories in order to maintain our body temperature at 37°C. This will force the body to rely on its own fat reserves. Quick and easy trick!

Combine cycling, swimming and walking

To improve the burning of spare fat (and avoid its storage), long-term efforts should be encouraged, so as to attack fat cells after emptying their sugar stores. According to Valerie Orsoni, a celebrity fitness trainer and co-author of A Dream Body for Dummies (first editions), the top three endurance sports are walking, cycling, and swimming. Combining the three will have many benefits for the silhouette!

Alternate three sessions per week: an hour of walking, an hour of cycling, and one hour of swimming. Yes, it is a lot, but it is very effective! Changing activity prevents muscles from getting used to a particular exercise and storing fat in terms of effort.

Do artwork

DIY is an activity that can be quite physical. Screw, drill, and nail and you'll burn close to 100 calories in half an hour without even realizing it. Always get lost! In fact, that's the equivalent of two golden Krisprolls or two raspberry Pim's.


If you're lucky enough to have a garden, or if you're on vacation in the countryside, take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine for an outdoor activity, advises Dr. Arno Kukul, nutritionist and co-author of Ma Slimming to-List. The scissors, the leaves you'll pick up, the garden hose to relax in... In just one hour, you'll burn about 400 calories: that's equivalent to what you ingest on average at breakfast.

Add ginger everywhere

According to Pascal de Lomas, author of My Little Magic Recipes with Ginger (Éditions Leduc), ginger naturally helps with weight loss. In fact, it is a thermogenic food, that is, it raises the body temperature and thus stimulates the metabolism process. Of course, its action is effective only in the context of a balanced diet accompanied by physical activity.

Here are two recipes for ginger ale. If you like tea, take a pitcher and pour 50 cl of boiling water over two teaspoons of green tea. Add two tablespoons of fresh, peeled and grated ginger. Leave to soak for five minutes before styling. If you prefer juice, put half a cucumber and half a pineapple in the juicer. Pour everything into a jug and add a pinch of ginger.

Do sprints

Intense efforts have the advantage of enhancing fat burning after exercise. So for those who are bored at the gym, or just can't get there, jogging up the stairs also helps de-stock!

So doing a five-minute vigorous jog or fast climbing stairs, while contracting the lower abdomen, is very effective. Repeat this several times a day to maximize tissue oxygenation. If you have time to walk an extra 30 minutes a day, it will be more profitable!

Take 20,000 steps a day

Health experts have been saying it (rightly) for a long time: to be in shape, in good spirits and with a good heart, you have to take 10,000 steps a day. But to lose weight, this is not enough. You should at least double your bet! Then the goal is about 20,000 to 30,000 steps per day. To boost your effort, always keep in mind that ten minutes of walking actually reduces 50 calories!

So you can plan two sessions of 10,000-15,000 steps per day, following a steady and sometimes split pace. It is necessary to double the moments at the point of shortness of breath (when the heart beats at a rate of 130 to 150 beats per minute if you are 40 years old). Optimize this course to burn more calories by following a path with hills and a series of stairs. Walk without slowing down, don't stop, and take advantage of the descent and flat to recover.

Focus on turmeric

Turmeric stimulates the digestion of fats. Promotes the synthesis of bile by the cells of the gallbladder and its excretion during the stages of digestion. Therefore, it is necessary to make the fatty substances soluble and prevent the formation of gallstones. In addition, it protects the liver and increases glutathione enzymes and the lining of the stomach. Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of organic turmeric to all your vegetable dishes, soups, and stews.

Boost your workout

Oftentimes, all you have to do is break your exercise routine to burn more calories, without feeling tired! And the proof thanks to these examples of following illico Presto:

Do 1 hour of Nordic walking (- 400 calories) instead of 1 hour of classic walking (- 240 calories)

Run for an hour at 11 km/h (-900 calories) instead of running for an hour at 9 km/h (- 720 calories)

Swim for an hour with fins (-800 calories) instead of an hour without (- 350 calories)

1 hour cycling at 20 km/h (-660 calories) instead of 1 hour cycling at 15 km/h = (- 420 calories)

I work out for an hour with dumbbells (360 calories) instead of one hour in the classic gym (- 260 calories)


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