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10 tips to detox and keep slim

 10 tips to detox and keep slim

Doing good to your body by ridding it of toxins that pollute it is the principle of the detox diet everyone is talking about. Ten habits to develop to adopt this famous diet that is more than a lifestyle.

Did you say detox? For a newbie, it's not always easy to embark on a great membership purification adventure. How do you choose the right foods? What products should be excluded from your diet? Here are 10 tips for a toxin-free diet.

Tip #1: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

If there was an order of foods to be eaten without moderation, fruits and vegetables would undoubtedly occupy the first step on the platform. Rich in vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants, most of them are perfect allies for your detoxing regimen. Some even display excellent purifying properties to rid the body of impurities. This is especially the case of black radish or artichoke, true allies of removal.

Second tip: drink water

To eliminate toxins from our bodies, there are no secrets: we must drink water every day and in sufficient quantity to help the kidneys drain toxins circulating in our blood system as well as to hydrate our skin. For this, nutritionists recommend consuming at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Of course it is highly recommended not to drink alcohol. In addition to causing serious liver disease, it accelerates skin aging.

Also consider detox broth.

Third tip: Eat soup

How do you combine good hydration with a balanced diet? By making soup, of course! The Detox System Rehabilitates Good Old Soup Recipes! In addition to being delicious, these dishes, which kids often avoid, are making a comeback! Soup is easy to make, and is an excellent compromise for those who do not have time to cook in the evening when they come home from work, but still want to take care of their bodies. You can also prefer detox broth.

Tip #4: Reduce your consumption of animal fats

A detox diet does not require you to become a vegetarian, but rather a more controlled consumption of meat and animal products. Animal fats are often harmful to the arteries, as they promote hypercholesterolemia, and thus deposit atherosclerotic plaques. To compensate, it is necessary to use vegetable fats of better nutritional quality, such as rapeseed or walnut oil.

Tip #5: Avoid duplicate products

Sugar, salt, and fats are all nutrients that the body only needs in small amounts. However, industrial products, sold commercially, have more than one cause. For an effective detox diet, you have to go back to the source i.e. raw produce, which is also easy to digest. In addition, homemade is much better!

Tip 6: Use plants

It is known that nature is full of a thousand and one treasures. Why don't you enjoy it? Herbalists will tell you: some plants have exceptional purifying properties for the body. Nettle, dandelion, orthosiphon, ash, elderflower ... The list of "detox" plants is longer. Generally consumed in infusion form, it is an ideal supplement to a balanced diet. Matcha tea is also an excellent cleanser and antioxidant. So it is better to prefer it over coffee.

Tip #7: Lead a healthy lifestyle

Consuming fresh produce, minimizing fat consumption, hydrating properly... That's good, but it's not enough! In fact, all these efforts must necessarily be part of a completely different philosophy of life. A "detox" diet is also another way to get pregnant with your body. To purify your body sustainably, you have to control both what you eat and what you do with your body each day. As such, sleep is especially important, as the resting phases are necessary to allow the kidneys to function quietly.

Tip #8: Exercise

Nothing like physical activity to detoxify the body! But beware, after a long period of abstinence, it is better to resume gently. Walking, swimming and cycling are ideal for straining the muscles and blood system without accelerating them. After a period of adaptation, it will then be possible to perform muscle strengthening in order, in particular, to refine or sheathe certain areas of the body. In any case, you have to choose the activity that makes you happy.

Tip #9: Quit smoking

In addition to being very harmful to health, tobacco is an "anti-detox" ingredient par excellence. For an effective diet, it must be completely banned. Easier said than done for its addicts. However, smoking is not inevitable. It is possible to say stop and do not give in to the sight of the first cigarette. Doctors who specialize in addiction can help you with this. You can also choose to use alternative medicine to quit smoking.

Tip #10: Try probiotics

Probiotics? They are simply microorganisms often added to yogurt, cheese and other grain products. However, these microscopic microflora have a positive effect on the intestinal microflora and promote transit. Choose, of course, probiotics that aid in weight loss.


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