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10 Tips for Cooking Quiche Slimming

 10 Tips for Cooking Quiche Slimming

Still calories in quiche? both! With a few tricks, this delicious dish is very light on our plates...

Slimming Quiche: How to make a light paste?

Commercial shortbread or puff pastry is often very high in fat. For a light quiche, it is best to prepare a homemade dough by substituting 0% fatty butter for cottage cheese. The only drawback of this technique: quiche takes longer...

A good idea when you don't have time to prepare the dough

When time is short, we think of pastry chips, which give a quiche a light, crunchy dough for a lower calorie count.

Slimming Quiche: What if we did without dough completely?

Yes, there is a quiche without dough, but it is advisable to add two good tablespoons of flour to the preparation so that the filling will stick well after cooking. The mold must also be covered with baking paper before pouring the filling into it, otherwise the quiche may stick to the dish.

How to lighten the quiche filling?

Usually, the quiche mixture consists of eggs and fresh cream. It is difficult to ignore eggs, but it is possible to lighten the device by replacing “regular” fresh cream with light cream or semi-skimmed milk (or even skimmed milk, but not everyone likes its taste).

Another tip: use light vegan fillings

For our very own slimming quiche, we draw a line on the bacon bits. Instead, it is decorated with vegetables that are low in calories and good for health with vitamins and minerals: zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, mushrooms, peas ... Feel free to combine several vegetables to discover new flavors. And check out our calorie chart to count if you like.

How to prepare a light meat quiche?

Sure, the vegetable quiche is the lowest in calories, but you can still make a very light meat quiche. For this, it is necessary to distinguish lean meat: small pieces of turkey or chicken (without the skin) can therefore be combined with the quiche filling, in combination with one or two vegetables so that it has a better flavour. Think especially of the turkey/mushroom and chicken/onion quiche: two particularly tasty combinations... Note that you can also substitute meat for lean fish (such as hake) and seafood: then we're talking about "quiche". Ocean ".

Quiche Lauren: How to prepare a thin version?

It's hard to say goodbye to the delicious grease from the traditional quiche Lorraine? In this case, it is possible to make the garnish very similar in taste (but much lower in calories) by substituting pieces of bacon for pieces of cooked ham or diced turkey. Plus, if you use our tricks regarding dough and a quiche device, you'll get a real light quiche Lauren.

Choose light and healthy seasonings

Of course, it's okay to add a pinch of salt and pepper to the quiche filling. But beware not to go beyond a simple "pinch" of salt: the latter is harmful to health when consumed in excessive quantities. Not only does it cause high blood pressure, it doubles down on water retention: the stomach and legs swell, the face too ... not terrible when you pay attention to your streak! If you find that your quiche is lacking in flavor, prefer other spices like cumin or aromatic herbs. Harmless to health, it contains much more valuable nutrients than table salt, especially vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants.

Tip to try: remove the cheese

Shredded cheese over the quiche is fine, but not necessary, especially when you want to make a light quiche. It is possible to completely remove it from the recipe.

Quiche Slimming: What If You Like Cheese Too Much To Do Without It?

Grated Gruyère is one of the most caloric cheeses. It's best to forget about it for a light quiche, but you can replace it with a lighter cheese like fresh goat cheese for example.


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