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10 Super Fatty Foods That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

 10 Super Fatty Foods That Prevent Us From Losing Weight

Certain foods weigh down all of our efforts! Excess weight but also pimples, could be related to excess bad fat. Advice from Marie-Laurie Andre, RD, to make better choices.

Open the safes! Let's bet they contain at least one "high fat" product in the words of Marie-Laurie Andre, nutritionist and author of My Fat-Free Notebook (Sun Edition). These high-fat products should be banned because they are nutritionally uninteresting (little or no fiber and vitamins). Above all, they are full of saturated fats that are harmful to health in general and to the heart and arteries in particular. An overview of the enemies of our bodies and our streak.


It's no surprise! The spread of industrial chocolate is a food fad. In fact, it is doubly harmful. It's rich in low fat, highly processed palm oil or coconut pulp, and it's also full of sugar. If you really can't do without it, eat it occasionally and save it for a festive moment, for example, a pie party with the family. And the pasta!


Here again, it is the typical food that we should be able to get rid of. The problem: Potato chips are often prepared with sunflower oil, which is very rich in omega-6, essential fatty acids, but when eaten in excess, it promotes inflammation in the body, and thus increases the risk of diseases (obesity,

 diabetes, etc.). . Vegetable chips are not better than anything because they are often greasy and high in calories! "Check the label for the total fat content, advises Marie-Laure-Andre, as well as the type of fat used." They can be made "at home" using a moderate amount of high-quality oil and sprinkled with paprika or other spices instead of salt.

Pork Rillet

With 40% fat, pork rillette is among the "high fat" deli meats. Although they shouldn't be abused either, "duck rillette is preferred," suggests Marie-Laurie Andre, and it's nutritionally healthier because it provides unsaturated fats. Other alternatives: Lean charcuterie such as meat from Graubünden, pork, etc., which provide at least protein.

Strasbourg sausage

These popular charcuterie dishes that feel "sugar" contain over 25% fat plus other less popular ingredients like preservatives, colorings, smoky flavors...but also sugar, as is often the case in industrial deli! If possible, because it is more expensive, we prefer sausages that are handmade by a good butcher.

industrial pizza

Rich in saturated fats and low in nutritional value. "It provides a little fiber and a lot of refined flour," explains Marie-Laure-Andre. We can actually make better choices by favoring the rich in vegetables and accompanying them with a nice green salad. Also ideally, we prepare it "homemade" and skip the large dessert (tiramisu or profiteroles!), and accept plain yogurt or fruit.

Chocolate pieces

Practical and no-nonsense, it's the easy snack. But soon as it gets swallowed up, the chocolate bar leaves us hungry and encourages us to eat something else (usually fatty and/or sweet) in great strides. "It's low in fat and high in refined sugar, and provides a lot of empty calories that don't fuel the body," says Marie-Laurie Andre. In order not to feel hungry throughout the day, eat enough food at meal times. The anti-bite plate is divided into three: a serving of animal or vegetable proteins, a serving of legumes or starchy foods, and a larger portion of vegetables.

sausage puffs

Cumulative product! Because this appetizing snack combines two foods high in saturated fat: puff pastry filled with butter or palm fat and low-fiber pork or beef. The result: an addictive snack that has little effect on feeling full, causing you to eat endlessly and encourage you to drink an extra aperitif or fruit cocktail because the pancake with sausage is so salty! Alternatively, you can prepare chicken or turkey strips for stuffing vegetables, cheese, herbs ...

piece of Chicken

The pinnacle of fake food! “Even if not too greasy,” admits Marie-Laurie Andre, nuggets of chicken so typical for fast food are often made from reconstituted meats and contain unpleasant ingredients, ranging from additives that can cause allergies, to added sugar that increases the index. Glycemic (blood sugar level) that quells hunger very quickly afterwards and which in the long run leads to the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease....

Chocolate bread

One of the morning's joys with its small coffee! But hey, there again, you don't have to succumb to temptation every day. Because pain chocolate is made with puff pastry (30% fat), sugar and often low-cost chocolate. Marie-Laurie Andre recommends preferring a good sourdough country bread, which is much better, with a piece of real dark chocolate rich in cocoa. It's delicious and retro!

industrial mayonnaise

It is often based on sunflower oil that is rich in anti-inflammatory omega-6 and provides 75% of the fat! However, it is not difficult to do it yourself! Marie-Laurie Andre's tip: Prepare it with rapeseed oil, which provides an excellent supply of omega-3s (good for the heart and brain...) and chop it up to lighten it with cottage cheese.


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