10 smart tips to lose weight fast without regaining weight

 10 smart tips to lose weight fast without regaining weight

Food, stress, physical activity, anti-cellulite tips ... We give you 10 smart tips to lose weight "fast and well"!

“Loss weight fast and without putting on weight” is a bit like the pursuit of the holy grail: No matter how hard you try, the pounds always come back...and our favorite jeans stay pretty tight!

However, losing weight quickly, healthily and permanently, is not too complicated - yes yes, I promise. First, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet: carbohydrates (low GI), fats (ideally “good” fats) and proteins (vegetarian or animal) at every meal, a refrigerator supplied mainly with natural products (we avoid industrial products too fat, sweet Very, very salty), a little sugar, a little salt, gentle cooking ... In short, this is common sense.

Balanced diet, exercise and Zen!

Second, physical activity is also important: if it doesn't really help you lose weight, it sculpts your body and preserves muscle mass - it's what burns calories, even while at rest! We prefer a sport activity we love (apart from forcing ourselves) that will also allow us to clear our heads and keep stress at bay. Classical dancing, boxing, rowing, zumba, mountain biking...and in the event of a (very) busy schedule, 7 to 15 minutes of exercise a day at home may be enough.

Third, we watch our “stress meter”: In fact, it often prompts us to snack between meals, which then directs our attention to calorie-dense foods that erase our high motivation after only a few days. Yoga, mindfulness meditation, pseudoscience... There are many tools for stress management.

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