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10 signs of a vitamin C deficiency

 10 signs of a vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C is necessary for the body. It is brought by food, especially fruits and vegetables, which contain it in large quantities. Find out the 10 signs of a vitamin C deficiency.

You are often tired

Vitamin C provides the energy the body needs.

Vitamin C deficiency leads to low energy, fatigue, and poor concentration.

Freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and an increased consumption of vegetables at lunch and dinner will restore shape and energy. Otherwise, it is better to consult your doctor.

get sick easily

Vitamin C deficiency exposes you to more germs and diseases. It contributes to the maintenance of immune function, so it should be consumed more often during the autumn and winter periods. However, our consumption is often lower during these periods.

lack appetite

Vitamin C is a vitamin that contributes to appetite.

Vitamin C deficiency reduces appetite, which causes more fatigue, and it is already present strongly because Vitamin C deficiency causes a decrease in energy. Therefore, you should eat foods rich in vitamin C.

you are losing weight

Vitamin C deficiency causes loss of appetite, and can also lead to weight loss in one form or another.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits and vegetables helps restore appetite and thus limits weight loss.

You suffer from joint pain

Vitamin C ensures good collagen synthesis, which allows for optimal joint function.

In the case of deficiency, joint disorders can occur with an inflammatory syndrome such as tendonitis, a tear or a sprain. In addition, the risk of developing arthritis increases.

Your skin was dry

Vitamin C brings hydration and suppleness to the skin by allowing optimal collagen production, hence the fact that many cosmetic products contain it. However, the contribution of creams is insufficient, and the contribution must come from within, especially through food.

You heal slowly

Vitamin C allows for better tissue repair thanks to good collagen synthesis. Slow recovery may indicate a vitamin C deficiency.

It is best to consult your doctor because other illnesses can be the cause of delayed recovery.

You are irritable

Vitamin C helps maintain a good level of energy. In the case of fatigue, irritability can appear quickly. If you are constantly feeling 'nervous', it is recommended to have a vitamin C check with a blood test to increase your intake.

I was bleeding from the nose

Vitamin C deficiency leads to weakened blood vessels, which are more likely to rupture. This translates clinically to bleeding from the mucous membranes of the nose and gums. Supplementation can quickly restore balance.

You are anemic

Vitamin C facilitates iron absorption.

In the case of a lack of vitamin C, iron will be less stable in the body and anemia may appear. Combining foods rich in iron and vitamin C allows for good absorption of both. If necessary, supplements will be considered.


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