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10 Little Mistakes We All Make That Keep Us From Losing Weight Permanently

10 Little Mistakes We All Make That Keep Us From Losing Weight Permanently

I've started dieting (or simply decided to be careful) but the results on the scale are long overdue... and if it's because of our bad slimming habits?

You get discouraged in the first gap

That's it, you've finally found the courage to start your diet. Everything was going so well, until I fell in love with a delicious slice of bread topped with your favourite. But this (above all) is not a reason to be discouraged and to turn everything off! Even nutritionists say it: It is important to incorporate moments of pleasure into a diet so that you can follow it fully. So, let's blame her!

deprive yourself too much

traditional. Moreover, some (bad) diets encourage it. However, it is by denying yourself the opposite effect: the body thinks you are starving it, and therefore it will defend itself by hoarding everything you eat. Plus, depriving yourself is frustrating and stressful. That's when we fall for a snack that's too greasy and too sweet. To avoid excesses, we avoid starving ourselves. The secret is moderation.

Do cardio only (or build muscle only)

Returning to sports to lose weight is a good start. But a combination of cardio and strength training is better. With cardio, we burn fat, and building muscle helps shape the silhouette. In short, the winning duo is simply beautiful.

Go shopping when you are hungry

This is the mistake we all make. Because we often go shopping in the evening, after work, just when our stomachs are screaming for food. Unfortunately, you get it, it's a bad idea...unless you want to steal the muffin and savory aisle! Otherwise, we advise you to shop after a meal or after a snack. You will be less tempted on a full stomach.

Not getting enough sleep

Our way of life often forces us to have very short and restless nights. But know that poor sleep also has broad implications: In addition to being bad for your health, lack of sleep leads to weight gain. Try, as much as possible, to do regular nights and at least seven hours.

Weigh yourself every day

It is the final reaction. However it is not necessary. Because weighing yourself daily can cause unnecessary stress and strain: depending on our hormones, transit or what we drank, the number on the scale can vary from half a kilo to one and a half kilos. If it is important to keep track of your weight, once a week is enough.

Completely eliminate fat and sugar

When you start a diet, you tend to intuitively eliminate fatty and sugary foods. But there are good and bad fats, as are good and bad sugars. Good fats allow the body to retain vitamins and promote transit. It is found, among other things, in oilseeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, walnut, flax and olive oils). Regarding sugar, avoid refined sugars that make you fat (soda, industrial foods) and focus on low-glycemic index sugars found especially in fruits and vegetables. Again, it's all about moderation.

Drink a lot of juice

Smoothies and fruit juices are often thought of as a healthy alternative to soda and caffeinated beverages... That's right, up to a point! Because smoothies also contain a lot (a lot) of sugar. If you can have vegetable juice in moderation (provided that it is without additives), then limit fruit juice to two glasses a day, preferably organically selected and cold-pressed (then it retains all its nutrients).

Not drinking enough water

Water is often neglected in favor of sodas, juices, and other sugary drinks. Error ! Water is essential for the proper functioning of our metabolism. In addition, it does not cause obesity and does not promote water retention. We only avoid drinking excessively during meals, because we risk filling our stomachs too quickly, and feeling so wrongly full that we end up snacking in the afternoon.

Only bet 0% mg

It seems obvious, however... In light food, we actually add flavors and additives to make up for the loss of taste. The result: it is less nutritionally interesting, because its nutritional value is poor. Don't let the marketing fool you into adopting a 100% light diet. Eat healthy, natural food in reasonable quantities.


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