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10 Effective Foods Against Water Retention

 10 Effective Foods Against Water Retention

To feel lighter, the solution passes through the plate. So yes to pineapple, artichoke, watermelon ... plenty of "unloading" foods that, in addition, are delicious.

The factors that cause water retention are varied: heat, hormonal fluctuations, salt abuse, medications (progestins, corticosteroids, etc.). This excess water in the tissues can be localized (plump fingers, swollen ankles, bags under the eyes) or, in general, with this uncomfortable feeling of swelling all over. Suddenly, you should consult your doctor that this is not a sign of an underlying disease (high blood pressure, heart or kidney failure, etc.), otherwise, water retention can be reduced by moving more (high water activities!) and eating healthy.

Three basic tips to prevent water retention:

Prefer vegetables rich in potassium: this mineral is necessary for the proper functioning of the kidneys. It reduces water retention by lowering sodium (salt) levels and increasing urine production. Good sources: asparagus, artichokes, cucumbers, fennel, daikon (Japanese radish), watercress, avocado, sweet peppers, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, leeks.

Lighten the digestion process: the slower it is, the greater the feeling of bloating. So the priority is to reduce the amount of food. And to aid digestion, we use a lot of spices!

Mild salt: because it "retains" water in the tissues. That's why we swell! So we limit artificial foods and don't put salt shakers on the table!

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