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10 easy-to-follow dietitian tips to lose weight

 10 easy-to-follow dietitian tips to lose weight

Addicted to sugar, lack of time for cooking, difficulty preparing vegetables, slow digestion ... Discover the tips and advice of nutritionist Nathalie Negro, head of the Nutrition Center at Thermes de Brides-les-Bains, to eat more balanced food, without frustration!

Sit at the table in a quiet environment

Many people leave the TV on, tap their smartphone, or even watch a series on their computers during meals. bad idea ! If you go to the table, you should turn away from you, all the distractions that can disturb this moment, and, without realizing it, increase the amounts of food absorbed. At mealtimes, remember to be in a quiet place away from screens and distractions.

Take time for every bite

When you sit down to eat, take the time, even if you do not have an hour in front of you, give yourself a break of at least 20 minutes, to savor each bite with pleasure, and chew it well, without falling into anything else. Thus, the digestion process will be facilitated and you will necessarily eat less than if you swallowed your meal without taking the time to chew.

Do not neglect the presentation of your dish

The key word for a well-balanced diet and to keep the streak? joy ! Yes, but whoever said fun doesn't necessarily mean calories...

Whether you're having lunch or dinner, alone or in company, serving the dish is important. Indeed, we are always happy to taste a carefully prepared and well-spiced dish ... Think of spices (turmeric, cinnamon, etc.), aromatic herbs (basil, coriander, etc.), and other spices (garlic, shallots., etc.), which will bring flavor And it makes your dish more attractive. Do you bring a salad for your lunch? Add some chopped shallots or green onions. Do you make yourself a good soup or gazpacho for dinner? Garnish with a few fresh mint leaves!

Don't force yourself to eat, but don't miss a meal either.

If it is clear that you should not force yourself to eat when you are not hungry or no longer hungry, skipping a meal on the pretext that you are trying to lose weight is absolutely not recommended. Serious mistake, because your body won't understand the message, and will want to catch up on the next meals...If you're not too hungry for a meal, prepare yourself something light, and plan a snack in the morning or snack time, in case you have cravings (fresh fruit, A handful of nuts, yogurt...).

Choose a thoughtful lunch on the go

No time for a real lunch break today? Don't panic, it's possible to eat a balanced sandwich provided you have:

source of protein (white pork, eggs, tuna, chicken, etc.)

A little bit of coarseness (tomatoes, cucumbers, green salad...)

A little fat (a little butter or 1 or 2 teaspoons of vinegar)

In the evening, all you have to do is think through your menu according to what may be missing during lunch: vegetables, dairy products, fresh fruits ...

Good to know: a balanced diet is carried out throughout the day, so if we lack some kind of food during a meal, it is enough to eat it at the next meal, and eat a little of everything during the day!

Do not deprive yourself!

Do you indulge in pizza, hamburgers, or even chocolate cake? The deprivation is indisputable, because deprivation rhymes with frustration, which is not at all recommended when you are looking to lose a little weight or maintain a nice figure.

So, yes, you can treat yourself, but be reasonable: If you choose a burger, go for veggies instead of a plate of fries on the side. If you dream about pizza, drink water, not sugary drinks. Finally, if you love cake, skip the whipped cream or an extra scoop of ice cream.

And above all, enjoy your favorite meal!

Make a cooking hole in your table

Lack of time is your favorite excuse not to cook good raw, unprocessed produce for dinner? Except in exceptional cases, there is always a way to find a small place to cook and prepare well-balanced dishes. Take the test, for your yoga class, dentist appointment, or parent-teacher meeting for your kids, add a small 30-minute interval (that's more than enough!), on your calendar, to take the time to prepare a homemade dish. And the simple, quick and light recipes allow you to enjoy yourself, no need to start a cooking contest!

Freeze fresh vegetables

Another common excuse is the lack of time to shop and buy fresh produce like vegetables. Again, it is quite possible to put vegetables in the daily menu. Frozen or canned vegetables, for example, are a good alternative for those who are short on time. But if you have the opportunity to go to the market on the weekend, you can perfectly prepare the fresh vegetables for the week: wash, chop and freeze them during the day! And install, you have enough to prepare well-balanced meals for the following days, without having to shop again.

Stay hydrated

Good hydration is essential not only to maintain the streak, but also to stay healthy. If you can't drink enough water each day (at least 1.5 liters), here are very simple tips for staying hydrated:

Add 100 grams of chopped fruit (strawberries, pineapple, peaches, etc.) to a liter of water.

In a liter of water, add lemon juice

In a liter of water, add cucumber slices

In a liter of water add spices (cinnamon, ginger, etc.).

Add 4 or 5 fresh herb leaves (mint, basil, etc.) to a liter of water.

Give yourself a sweet reward

If sugar consumption must be avoided as part of a balanced diet or in search of weight loss, sugar addicts should not be discouraged either. So you can treat yourself to a good pastry or dessert once a week and once during the weekend, while reducing your sugar intake at other meals. Once again, take the time to choose the dessert that really inspires you, and enjoy!

If you can't do without sugar every day, you can plan one or two squares of chocolate at the end of your meals, choose it rich in cocoa (at least 65%), to take advantage of its benefits, such as magnesium. it contains!


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