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Workout of the week: 11-Minute AMRAP Cardio Workout

 Workout of the week: 11-Minute AMRAP Cardio Workout

All levels / AMRAP cardio training / 11 minutes

Equipment: stopwatch and exercise mat (optional)

The long-awaited days of summer have finally come here. Beaches, pools, barbecues, parties, cocktails, and friends leave us with little or no time to think about exercising, not just going to the gym. There are still good reasons to go to the gym this season. Plus, we've found the perfect way to fit an effective workout into your busy summer schedule: Equipment-Free HIIT Workouts (this way you can do them anywhere!). HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and because of its short duration it is ideal for a quick summer session.

This was the reason for the AMRAP cardio exercise. In case you didn't know, AMRAP (as many repetitions or rounds as possible) is a type of HIIT that involves doing as many rounds or repetitions of an exercise as possible for a set amount of time without rest. In today's case, we will do some tricks.

This exercise includes 2 AMRAPs performed sequentially: only after you have completed the first AMRAP will you move on to the second. Each AMRAP contains 3 exercises with a preset number of repetitions. Your goal is to do as many repetitions as possible in 5 minutes. Then, you'll have one minute to rest between each session, making your AMRAP cardio workout last just 11 minutes. Perfect for summer!


Jumping jacks - 20 reps

Side by side - 30 reps

Mountain Climbers - 40 reps

2ème AMRAP

Burpee - 10 reps

Butt kicks - 100 reps

Squat jumps - 100 reps

ready ? Let's go to AMRAP!

Training preparation

AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible)

2 sets of 3 exercises

5 minutes per set

1 minute rest between each round

11 minutes

Equipment: stopwatch and exercise mat (optional)

Do you train at home? there is no problem.

EVO promotes natural movement and our exercises, like this one, usually require little to no equipment and little exercise space, making it easy to do anywhere.

exercise list


5 minutes, as many repetitions as possible

1 - jump jacks

20 repetitions

Start in a standing position with your arms at your sides. Engage the core a bit and square the shoulders, ready to move.

Keeping the arms and legs straight (but not locked), jump the legs out to the sides at the same time and raise the arms to the shoulders. Stabilizes the hips, torso and shoulder girdle.

Return to the starting position and hold at a controlled pace for 30 seconds.

2 - side by side

30 repetitions

Start with your legs slightly hip-width apart, with the torso contracted and the knees slightly bent.

Sit on your butt and gently jump sideways to the left with your left leg forward.

Extend your right hand to your left leg and touch the floor. This is a rehearsal.

Use your core and upper legs to pull yourself up and jump sideways to the right, all the way to your left hand toward your right foot.

Increase your speed to intensify the power of the heart.

3 - mountain climbers

40 repetitions

Start with your hands on the floor about shoulder width apart, arms straight.

Hands should be in line with your chest.

Try to keep your core straight as you pull your knee toward your chest.

Alternately pull your knees toward your chest.

Make sure your hands are clasping your torso retracted.

2ème AMRAP

5 minutes, as many repetitions as possible

1 - burp

10 repetitions

Start in a standing position and engage your core.

Begin the movement by quickly bending over, pushing the hands toward the floor in front of the feet.

While doing this, simultaneously jump up, bring your legs back, and land on the floor in a push-up position.

Perform a push-up, and on the way up, quickly raise your hips and jump into a squat position.

Return to vertical position and repeat.

2 - back kicks

100 repetitions

Run in place and pull your heels toward your bottom.

Try to keep your hamstrings as relaxed as possible, this will increase the effectiveness of this exercise.

Keep your torso contracted throughout the movement and always look straight ahead.

Keep a fast pace.

3 - squat jumps

10 repetitions

Find a space and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Engage the core and slightly square the shoulders, ready for the movement.

Quickly bend your knees and hips (to about 1/4 of a squat position) while moving your arms back. Keep your knees above your toes throughout this part.

Once you reach the lowest point, quickly extend your hips and raise your arms to straighten the body and make a small jump.

Keep your core tight and keep your balance as you descend, allowing your knees and hips to bend slightly to absorb the force.

Go back to where you started and come back.


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