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Work out at home

 Work out at home

There is no magic formula: to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape, you must follow a balanced diet, but also exercise regularly.. To do this, nothing is simpler! Start by joining the gym, or take advantage of any sunny day to indulge in hiking, running or just getting some exercise outdoors. And if you'd rather opt for the comfort of your own home and exercise at home, know that a little bit of equipment is enough to help you through every gym training session. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your flexibility, tone your body or build muscle mass, the right equipment and rigor will help you achieve your goals.

bodybuilding at home

If you want to build muscle mass, go to Technogym Bench. This all-in-one exercise bench is compact and simple. It perfectly and elegantly adapts to small rooms. It allows you to perform countless bodybuilding exercises at home and is very popular among athletes, who especially appreciate it for its versatility. In fact, Technogym Bench 4 has integrated equipment:

  • 3 elastic bands with different resistance levels for a variety of exercises;
  • 5 pairs of hex dumbbells to increase your muscle strength;
  • 3 weighted weights to intensify each exercise;
  • A training mat to ensure comfort and stability throughout your training session.

Therefore, if you want to work the obliques and stomach muscles, I recommend side bending with dumbbells. How is this exercise performed? In a standing position, with your back straight, pelvis fixed, and legs apart, hold a dumbbell with one hand and bend your chest to the side of the dumbbell as low as possible to slowly return to the initial position. Repeat several repetitions, first on one side, then on the other.

If your goal is to tighten the legs and buttocks, the best solution recommended by the experts is the step-up! This is where our seat comes into play. This exercise consists of getting up and down from the bench, one foot at a time, with two in one hand. It will not only effectively strengthen the hamstrings and buttocks, but also the quadriceps, arms and trapezius muscles.

home gym to lose weight

Do you want to shed a few ugly kilograms and improve your silhouette? Running and walking are unbeatable sports for weight loss. The solution to losing weight in the comfort of your own home is the Technogym treadmill! Not only will you burn tons of calories, but you'll also effectively work your butt muscles, calf muscles, and more. Equipped with a large touch screen with built-in speakers, you can choose from several training programs led by a virtual instructor, enjoy one-on-one sessions online with the best instructors or conquer the world by walking in virtual mode. Scenic trails and roads. And if you want to mix effort with convenience, you can watch your favorite TV shows or run to the beat of your playlist on Spotify or YouTube.

Sports at home: essential equipment

To exercise at home without worrying about having to go to the gym or outside, this equipment should be present in each of your sessions:

Skipping Rope: In addition to definitely evoking happy memories, the jump rope allows you to work practically all the muscles of the body and above all burn about 200 calories for just 15 minutes of training. This allows you to lose weight at home. Its main assets? It is small and can be stored anywhere! The cherry on the cake? You can jump to the beat of your music for a more fun workout!

Elastic Power Bands: By using bands that provide different levels of resistance during sports training, you will get better results. Lightweight and versatile, they are perfect for any exercise and can be combined with any exercise.

Training Mat: With its comfort and stability, the exercise mat made of natural rubber is the perfect choice for your workout at home. Its top side features a nano-rubber coating that ensures hygiene, and it can be easily rolled up for convenient storage and transportation.

How many hours to devote to training

Now that I know more about the equipment you can use to train effectively, the question is: How much time should I devote to training? How many times a week should I train? It all depends on several factors, including your motivation, your goal, your free time and your level.

If you are a beginner and already have all the gym equipment at home, start without delay, but move gradually and above all, listen to your body. Establish an exercise routine so that it doesn't leave you after the first, most difficult sessions. Planning a weekly home gym routine according to your schedule will encourage you not to skip training. Set goals to stimulate your desire to continue exercising. Keep in mind that at least two 30-minute sessions per week are necessary in order to see the first results. When you feel ready, go for 3 sessions per week for 45 minutes.

If sports are really your forte, we invite you directly to choose the best on the market, with our professional sports equipment.

In conclusion, exercise should be associated with a balanced diet to ensure the best results. Also, never forget to warm up before each exercise to avoid any risk of injury from cold stretching. Finally, finish each session with 10 minutes of stretching to relax the muscles that have been used up so you don't have soreness the next day.


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