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Why internships are essential for a professional soccer player

 Why internships are essential for a professional soccer player

I think knowing how to move is more important than being able to move who knows what the load is and it also allows me to understand what I can ask of my body during exertion, I am aware of myself and my muscles. Previously, I often had muscle problems, because I couldn't manage myself, didn't know when I could push to the limits and when I had to rest.

Good physical preparation is the basis of injury prevention during a professional footballer's competitive season. Many confrontations, as well as a high frequency of training, can have a negative effect on performance: with the development of scientific knowledge, the methods of training have also changed. Andrea Schiavone Functional training strengthens the physical condition and has solved many chronic physical problems, such as back pain or muscle problems: Here are some of the benefits that Bari midfielder Andrea Schiavone obtained through the youth teams of Juventus. Andrea Schiavone was able to appreciate the great improvements by changing training methods and working on Technogym equipment.

Andrea Schiavon was able to benefit from the increased mobility of the joints, and thus had fewer issues with shortening his hamstring muscles, which he frequently struggled with.

Over time, I had less and less back problems, which often bothered me at periods with a lot of counters nearby.

Indeed, already in the youth teams of Juventus, many of the strength exercises offered to the team focused on the use of free weights, exercises that touch on the various kinetic chains of the body. Over time, with the development of knowledge about training methods, this type of method was used more and more.

Kinetic and functional football training

Problems can be prevented with proper warm-up procedures. Andrea was able to work on stretching in a safe and efficient manner, using rubber bands or specific equipment such as the Kinesis line. Before training, I usually alternate between specific small indoor warm-up programmes: I always start with positions that need to be done on the floor or in the back flexibility, which I like, for 3-5 minutes.

Next, I swap out the core exercises for more specific exercises for the lower extremities using rubber bands or on the move. I like to use Kinesis One, which allows me to perform several exercises, both static and dynamic, that involve the whole body and also strengthen my stability.

Andrea Schiavone trains on Technogym equipment in the teams he has played with, and thanks to his personal trainer, he has definitively approached both the career line and the skill line, designed specifically for trained athletes like himself.

I didn't know this line before, and I didn't think its use could be so specific to a sport like soccer. In addition to being effective, training with the Omnia and Kinesis One is also a lot of fun, says Andrea Schiavone, who is excited about the possibilities of functional training with Technogym equipment. Creating training programs with your teammates makes training sessions less boring and more engaging compared to the old ways of alternating between sets and breaks.

The career line is useful for any sport. Depending on the tools chosen in the circuit and their use, you can create an infinite number of specific exercises.

Skill Line Equipment Training Capabilities

Andrea Schiavone dedicates a separate chapter to Skillmill and Skillrun, equipment he highly prizes for its innovative design, unlike anything he's seen so far, as well as its sporting-level improvement possibilities.

I fell in love with these two products. It only took me a few minutes to get to know them, when I had never ridden a non-motorized treadmill before and felt weird being a movement producer, then I got to work with it more.

The Skill Line is ideal as an athletic trainer, which is not the case with most equipment on the market. With the Skill Line it is possible to train on the four basic pillars of athletic activity (strength, resistance, speed and agility). I trained by doing intermittent exercises on the Skillmill, using the resistance possible with the Multidrive technology, alternating running exercises with others to push against the resistance, and simulating the push of a sled on the ground.

The numbers are immediately available on the screen

Once again, having data to work on pushed me to achieve better results than ever before by creating a kind of competition with myself, making the workouts less difficult than they already were. I am convinced that the mental aspect is also important during physical efforts: if I willingly and enthusiastically do what I do, then the perceived fatigue will be less, and the quality of the training itself will be better.

Andrea Schiavone is surprised by the amount of data available on the Skillrun screen. I didn't think it was possible to get ride quality data directly and instantly. Besides using it as a regular treadmill, I experimented with resistance training, either with a sled or a parachute. What do you think that? Well, after the effort, I thought it was cool.

Working on kinetic chains and using free weights or resistances with flex rubber has allowed me to be more aware of my body, and therefore have fewer muscle problems.

Thanks to functional training, it is possible to have a better perception of the body in motion.

I think one day, once I'm fully recovered, I'll create an exercise space in my home. With what's in it? Skillmill and Kinesis One, a few dumbbells and small tools, and finally a back flexibility, to calm me down at the end of the session.


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