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Whey and weight gain

 Whey and weight gain

Whey protein was a huge hit with bodybuilders in the late 1990s. Labs and manufacturers of nutritional and nutritional supplements took advantage of this enthusiasm to develop this market. Then different types of whey protein appeared.

  • Different types of whey to increase mass
  • Whey concentrate
  • whey isolate
  • CFM or "cross-flow microfiltration"

Hydrolyzed whey

Choosing the right whey protein becomes awkward in front of all of these varieties. This post will introduce you to the properties of whey. He will guide you in your choice and will also advise you in consuming the product, especially if you are planning to gain mass fast or muscle.

Whey protein, also known as whey protein or whey protein, is a natural substance obtained from cow's milk. Displays a high biological value and a complete aminogram. The properties of whey make it an ally in helping to maintain and develop muscle mass (1). Its low lipid profile and appetite suppressant effect justify its dehydration efficacy. Its anabolic properties are explained by its ability to reduce the destruction of muscle cells, thereby facilitating their recovery.

For example, My Iso Whey is a whey isolate made by the French brand MyMuscle, consisting of a blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate that comes from the manufacturer Volac, one of the world's leading manufacturers of whey protein.

Consuming whey protein has a powerful ability to enhance muscle protein synthesis. In fact, whey protein boosts muscle protein synthesis more than other proteins like casein and soy (2).

Is whey effective for increasing lean mass?

Before explaining why whey is such a good muscle building protein, it is important to clarify the relationship between whey and weight loss.

In the trade, it is often said that whey allows you to lose weight and that by taking it, the athlete will see fat disappear and only lean muscle will remain. Don't be mistaken, like any other protein, it is not whey itself that makes you lose weight but rather your calorie intake which should be deficient compared to its maintenance. If your food is high in calories, it will make you fat, and if you also take high calorie whey as a supplement, you will absorb more calories and that will make you gain mass quickly, and this mass gain will not necessarily be muscle.

From this reasoning, we can conclude that whey is useful for chopping under two conditions:

Either take high protein concentrate whey whose levels of carbohydrates and fats are very low, or take isolates. In these cases, the calorie density of your supplements is reduced. This ensures fat loss.

Whey's ability to reduce appetite allows for better control of food intake when following a diet plan.

Use whey to increase mass

Whey is one of the best bodybuilding products for building muscle mass. This is justified by its composition and speed of assimilation. This type of protein is high in BCAA. The advantage of this product also lies in the excellent quality / price ratio.

Compared to casein, soy or egg protein, whey is absorbed immediately after weight training for an immediate supply of protein and amino acids into the muscles. The leucine present in BCAAs and thus in whey protein can contribute to muscle protein synthesis but also provide anabolic effects (3).

However, you must be careful, because it is not only whey consumption that leads to mass gain. It should be accompanied by a nutritional diet and proper training. So it must be remembered that whey is not a meal replacement. In short, your progress depends on three factors: sports nutrition, training, and whey.

Here are some of the conditions for consuming whey to improve muscle mass gain:

It is always necessary to dilute the product with water, not milk, as the risk of slowing down the digestion process. Mixing whey with milk will slow down the protein synthesis essential for muscle growth.

Associated with a good choice of amino acids will only improve its efficacy.

You need to know how to choose when to take whey. A person new to bodybuilders will be satisfied with 30-40 grams of whey diluted with water, to be taken immediately after a training session. But in general, take whey protein half an hour before training to prepare the amino acids in the blood for the catabolic stress that will occur. During training, the digestive system poorly digests proteins, so you need to be at rest. Then prefer hydrolyzed whey during exercise. Finally, immediately after training, whey can be taken with L-leucine for a better anabolic response.

When it comes to your whey dosage, you shouldn't just rely on your daily protein intake. You also need to consider including protein in your entire diet. The dose varies depending on when it is taken. After training, it depends on how much mass you put in during the effort. In total, the recommended daily amount of protein for bodybuilders is 1.5 to 2.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. In the event that your diet does not contain enough protein, whey can supplement it well. Consume about 40g of whey immediately after training in order to stop the catabolism caused by bodybuilding efforts and stimulate the metabolism.

Benefits of eating whey to increase mass

To gain mass, consuming whey protein can have positive effects if you do not consume enough protein during the day. As we've seen many times, it's completely pointless to have protein intake above your needs because you risk storing excess. However, scientific studies have shown that proteins can contribute to the maintenance and development of muscle mass (1). Eating protein obviously increases your calorie intake and so can be interesting for gaining mass, but be careful not to bet your entire diet on this intake.

When can we take whey?

Whey protein is absorbed much faster than all other protein sources, making it ideal to consume during a workout or if you need an instant protein boost. There are also many forms of whey on the market as we saw earlier with whey concentrate, hydrolyzed whey or even whey isolate. Therefore, we recommend using whey protein especially during a snack accompanied by a source of carbohydrates (such as oatmeal) and fats (such as oilseeds) to slow its absorption or after strength training if your next solid meal is spaced out.

Is whey concentrate effective for mass gain?

Whey concentrate is effective for mass gain due to the proven results of scientists on protein consumption but also by the fact that it is still a calorie intake. In addition, whey concentrate is generally much richer in calories, carbohydrates, and sugars than whey isolate or hydrolyzed but remains much lower than, say, a gainer. So, depending on your calorie intake for satiety, you can take whey concentrate or a nutritional supplement if you want to increase this daily intake because it will be much more calories than that.

Optigura coach advises you about your collective gains

Protein for mass gain can be selected according to your level and budget for supplement consumption. However, we remind you that supplementation is not mandatory for progression and it is always better to bet on your solid diet.

Our tips for new users

As a beginner, it is pointless to use the most expensive or high quality whey protein on the market because the differences will still be minimal in terms of results. Switch over to whey protein with an excellent quality/price ratio like 100% Pure Whey from BioTech USA which still has a protein content of around 80% with a high content of amino acids and BCAAs. In addition, a wide range of flavors and shapes allows you to change regularly according to your desires. To increase your calorie intake during periods of bulking, you can enrich your protein intake with carbohydrates such as oatmeal powder that blends perfectly with whey protein. This cocktail is also widely used by athletes because you benefit from it

Optigura coach advises you

Our advice to expert users

If you are an expert practitioner, it is recommended to choose quality whey, but this does not necessarily mean that you have to go for the most expensive. Iso Whey Zero from BioTech USA is one of the best selling protein powders on our site and it is not used and appreciated by consumers without charge. It has many advantages such as a high protein content of 84% and a large amount of amino

 acids and BCAAs as well as no added sugar, gluten, lactose, palm oil or aspartame. It also contains a low amount of fat and can be easily incorporated into the diet. Iso Whey Zero is also available in a wide range of aromas and formats to suit a wider audience. For mass gains, it can be a favorite ally and you can mix it with oatmeal, for example, to increase your calorie intake.

For mass gain, remember that it is essential to have a caloric surplus, that is, to have more calories than you spend. Whey is an excellent way to fill up your protein intake to help maintain and grow muscle mass. It is also one of the most commonly used nutritional supplements by bodybuilders who are in the overweight period or not.


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