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What is puberty and why is it so fun?

 What is puberty and why is it so fun?

What if we told you that you could be healthier and save the planet at the same time? Discover puberty. The running craze has been around since 2016 and has been rapidly accelerating across the globe. Let's take a look at why the eco-friendly workout trend is sweeping the fitness world.

What is puberty?

Plogging is the perfect exercise for eco-conscious runners, as it combines running with litter picking. It was started by Eric Ahlstrom in Sweden in 2016 to clean up trash and trains at the same time. The name comes from a combination of "jog" and "ploka up" (picked up in Swedish.

What are the benefits of puberty?

Think about the last time you went for a much trash did you see on the streets or in the countryside? Now imagine squatting, stretching, pulling and picking up every piece of trash you found during said jog. You can bring a set of natural functional movements to your standard core, while helping to clean up the planet.

Here are some of the specific benefits of dam:

It gives you strength and motivation. Having a target while running means that you are more likely to put on your sneakers and hit the pavement to run.

Allows you to exercise the trunk and the heart. As mentioned above, bending over over and over to grab those empty cans or misplaced plastic bottles helps train many core muscles that you might miss in a simple sprint.

Prevents pollution from plastic. By picking up trash while running, you contribute to the integrity of animal and plant ecosystems. This includes our oceans, which end up filling entire swaths of it with most terrestrial plastic waste.

It is good for your body, mind and soul. It is good to help reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste, even if it is very little. The rewarding nature of this means that you will likely fall back into stagnation in the future.

Create a community link. Connecting with other like-minded people and building a blogging community means that you are more likely to maintain a fitness routine. Responsibility is a wonderful motivator.

What do you start with?

You don't need much, just protective gloves and a large trash bag. To prepare, you may want to plan your run that ends near the trash or recycling bin, so you can toss the trash you picked up during the run. Then all you need to do is be ready to hit the ground running, which is even more motivating when you have a sense of purpose.

Where can I find a local group?

Local running groups are great ways to find local running enthusiasts. Check social networks like Facebook or open the plogging page for your area. Green Heroes is a great place to hike in Austria, while this link in Switzerland gives you the best trails. You can always post online or on bulletin boards at your gym, community centers, etc. Many local councils share information about starting garbage collection groups in your area and tips for staying safe.

Positive movement should be a natural, continuous interaction between us and our environment. This is one of the most important pillars of our philosophy of using Evo lenses, and it ticks all the boxes. Learn more about our training techniques, and change the way you think and feel about exercise.


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