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What are supergroups and what are their benefits?

 What are supergroups and what are their benefits?

Want to increase your time in the gym? So here are the supergroups. If you've ever taken a circuit-type course or spent time with a personal trainer, you've likely heard of it. But, despite their popularity, there is still confusion about what exactly supergroups are and how useful they are. Let's take a look together at several facts about supergroups

What are supersets?

In general, supersets are two different exercises that are performed in succession, with little or no rest in between. We say "few" because maybe you take a short breather or drink some water between each set.

The two exercises in question are not random, but supersets are a flexible training method. The exercises can target opposing muscle groups, such as chest versus back, biceps versus triceps, quads versus hamstrings, or even muscles in the same group (squats versus quads extensions, shoulder extensions versus pushups). Lateral rise and lunges...).

You can also exercise two different areas of the body, for example, a common all-out set is to perform an upper body exercise followed by a lower body exercise. Read on to learn more about this method.

3 Superset Advantages

1 - Supersets save time

When you have a million tasks to do, workouts can fall at the bottom of your priority list. not good. But there are giant groups. One of the best ways to improve your training time is to do supersets. This involves doing a compound movement (eg, 8 repetitions of push-ups), followed by an isolated movement (eg dumbbell fly, also 8 reps). This way you work out the muscles you want to focus on during the compound movement and then focus on them in the isolation exercise. Very well.

2 - Super sets are great for building muscle

The use of rest periods for exercise stimulates the physiological processes that promote muscle growth. This is especially true with giant groups with opposing sides of the body or opposing muscle groups. Since these types of giant sets target different muscles, you won't need multiple breaks. As you perform an exercise, you target a specific muscle group while the other is relaxing. summit.

3 - Super combos boost stamina

By altering muscle groups and target areas, supersets help maintain physical activity for an extended period of time. In short, you can train your muscles continuously for a longer time without feeling tired. It can benefit you in all areas of life, for example, if you are a swimmer, you can target the muscle groups used in super swimming. Try a series of push-ups followed by squat jumps (without rest) to strengthen your upper and lower body.

Who is not recommended to use ultra-fast kits?

Ultimately, a comprehensive package includes reducing and eliminating breaks more often. If your goals aren't to increase muscle tone or strength, then super sets may not be right for you.

But for those who want to increase their overall strength, strength and endurance (or halve their time in the gym with the same results), find an EVO club near you to maximize efficiency in the least amount of time.

Superst training

Now that you've learned the theory, let's put it into practice! Here's a full 40-minute dumbbell workout that uses super sets to maximize effects:

  • 4 super groups
  • 10-15 repetitions of each exercise
  • Each comprehensive set must be completed over 3 rounds
  • 40 minutes
  • Equipment: dumbbells
  • Exercise list:
  • 1er comprehensive set

  • sumo squat with dumbbells
  • Sumo deadlift with dumbbells
  • 2èmd group

  • Lateral raise with dumbbells
  • Military press with dumbbells
  • 3ème super set

  • Fly with dumbbells
  • Front row with dumbbells
  • 4ème super set

  • Cross body mountain climber
  • Commando Council
  • Russian ext


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