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What are the lower abdominal muscle exercises?

What are the lower abdominal muscle exercises?

One of the most common goals in the gym is to have a flat stomach. Unfortunately, the guest often comes to thwart this plan, reduce belly fat. How do we say goodbye to him? the answers!

The genetic factor is required, we all have variants which explains why we don't necessarily store in the same places. Some take it in the stomach easily, it's a fact! If this is your case, no fate, it does not mean that you cannot act, at least if you want to! So how do you lose lower belly fat? Kevin, the athletic trainer, gives you all his tips to erase your complexes and feel better in your body. Starting !

What are the lower abdominal muscles called?

Let's start with a short anatomy lesson, you should know that there are 3 types of abdominal muscles:

► The rectus abdominis muscles, known as the chocolate bar, which are called the "superficial muscles".

Transverse: It is located in the middle of the abdomen. It is not seen because it is deeper. It forms an abdominal sheath that is inserted into the lower back.

► Obliques, aka those that are drawn on both sides of the rectus abdominis.

As you can see, there is no definite name for the belly mods found in the lower abdomen, simply because they are part of a whole! my turn? Allowing flexion of the leg toward the torso unlike the "upper" abs which, on the contrary, is used to flex the body downward as well as to rotate.

Women and men: a difference in the abs?

A simple and quick answer, on the anatomical level, a woman and a man are formed in the same way. However, a woman should pay special attention to her perineum, especially when she wants to resume her abdominal muscles after pregnancy or when she is facing incontinence issues after childbirth. In these cases, we recommend that you consult a midwife or a physiotherapist, who will provide you with support and exercises tailored to you in complete safety.

How to lose weight in the lower abdomen?

To lose weight and lose the little "nomads" that some find ugly, there is no miracle recipe, it necessarily includes sports and food! Keep in mind that you can exercise as much as you want, if your diet and, in general, your lifestyle are not followed, then the result will not be ideal. To see the change show up, remember that 70% happens through food and 30% through sports! So it would be a shame to ignore it. Especially since we know how frustrating it is to put in the effort in the room to end up not getting the expected reward.

To finish convincing you, beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, eat a varied and balanced diet, which is also synonymous with good health. Industrial foods, fast food, soda or excess alcohol, in addition to slowing your results, do you harm in the long run, quite the opposite. So don't forget to treat ourselves when we dream of a good burger and fries, frustration is not good, but on a daily basis we try to cook healthy and delicious meals ourselves as much as possible!

Once these good habits are established, your abs may come out faster than you hoped. Especially the rectum where food plays a very important role. Say goodbye to complexes and hello to the flat stomach and silhouette of your dreams!

What diet to lose belly fat?

The lower part of the abdomen that we hold is a fat mass, that is, the molecules that move in the body according to their desires! We have no control over it. To eliminate these fats, it happens through food, as we explained earlier.

Of course, physical activity speeds up the process (remember 70/30), but first of all it is necessary to eat better. You can remember that the daily caloric intake for a woman is about 2000 kg / day, and this gives her the energy she needs. For a man, it's about 2,500 calories per day. She is athletic, if the contribution is too much,

Not exceeding the daily recommendations will actually help you reduce belly fat. And if you are overweight, a temporary calorie deficit may be recommended. In any case, consult a dietitian or dietitian. It is important to be a good follower and we advise you to do things the right way.

Once this is done, the combination of an adaptive diet, good hydration, good sleep and optimal stress reduction, your results will not be long in coming! :)

 How do you work the abdominal muscles correctly for the muscles of the lower abdomen?

Now let's move on to sports and in particular to the abs! The golden rule to do it well: adopt the right reflexes immediately.

To tone and shape your belly, the best exercises are hypotensive push-ups. But Koisaku? The lowered abs removes the stress that one can put on the abdominal muscles. Why is this important? Because that pressure towards the lower abdomen is exactly what we practice without realizing it through the work of the classic abdominal muscles that can create this little bead that we often like a little.

How to achieve the absolute value of the pressure? It's a matter of emptying your stomach and always bringing your stomach in in order to get cross, girdle, perineum and viscera during exertion. Thus, it will work on the diaphragm and push up your organs. To illustrate what happens, imagine a zipper that you close, lock, and then back again. Everything shrinks and lifts up.

To perfectly realize these abs, also remember to pull in your pelvis and breathe deeply. It is all this synergy that will ensure that you do your abdominal exercises well and avoid creating pain or tension in the lower back. In the end, you will reduce belly fat and notice real effects on your overall appearance at the same time.

For Flat Stomach: Should You Work On The Upper Or Lower Body?

To lose belly fat that can be complicated at times, the trainer recommends focusing on abdominal muscle exercises that work the legs. Here are some examples to inspire you, the list is clearly not exhaustive! To do them, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and bring a non-slip floor mat.

1. Scissors

Sit on your mat, bend slightly, and pull your pelvis inward and keep your back straight. Lift and straighten your legs and perform alternating scissor movements.

2. Wallet

Sitting on your mat, spread your legs. Bring it back towards you while keeping it taut (at this point it forms a kind of "V") and slowly lower it down without touching the ground. The movement repeats like a wallet that opens and closes.

3. The board

The popular plank exercise consists of placing yourself facing the mat, placing your hands and feet on it, extending your legs and arms, lengthening your body and keeping your back straight. Your gaze is facing the rug to reduce tension in your back. You can also perform the exercise on the elbows, it also works.

4. The candle

Who doesn't have memories of a candle to perform during their school gym class? If it is a mystery to you, it consists in lying on your back and raising your legs straight towards the ceiling, as high as possible. Your hands can support your back or lie flat on your mat, listen :). Return to the starting position and then repeat this movement.

5. Pendulum

This is the most difficult alternative to the wallet. Seated on your mat, raise your chest so that your back is straight and straighten your legs to form a "V." Arms extended towards the sky. The goal is to rock yourself back and forth a little bit. To simplify the exercise, you can bend your legs and put your arms at knee level. It's the abdominal muscles that control the movement, and you'll see it dry up!

Do several 30-second repetitions each day to see the benefits.

Upper Abdominal Workout: Not To Be Forgotten To Get A Toned Silhouette

There is no reason to limit yourself to the lower body when working on the abdominal muscles. For a flat stomach and a toned silhouette, we also advise you to work out the upper abdominal muscles. Here are some simple exercises:

1. crunches

After being so popular, they ended up splitting the fitness community. However, there is no reason to spark debate, yes it is effective but provided it is done well. We invite you to read the article devoted to this topic to find out everything.

2. Basic exercises

Sheath like the elbow plank seen above: position yourself facing the ground at the elbows, back straight and spine aligned and in line with the feet or knees. Hold the position for thirty seconds because then we tend to relax the abdominal muscles and increase the pressure on the lower back, shoulders and thighs, that's not the point!


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