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Triceps strengthening: exercises you should know

 Triceps strengthening: exercises you should know

How to develop the triceps muscle? Discover the exercises and tips of a sports coach!

If arm strength training is often associated with the work of the biceps, then the triceps should not be neglected, these muscles equally contribute to the curvature of this area of ​​the body. But how do we develop it? For Lucie Delattre, our reference trainer for this advice, here are some exercises that will help you build your triceps.

Why do your triceps work? who are they ?

As its name suggests, the triceps brachii - let's explain because there is also a triceps sura, located in the calf, but that's another story - consists of three distinct areas, made in length, starting at the top of the arm and meeting at the level of the back of the elbow .

If the biceps muscle is located in the front of the upper arm, then the three heads of the triceps muscle are located more on the back. They are called the lateral, middle and large triceps (Indian. Well, we worked out better). This muscle makes it possible to operate the arm and especially straighten the elbow.

If the biceps are often considered the star of the arm, which must be taken care of and placed at the center of your training program, know that the triceps account for half of the muscle mass of the lower arm. Yes still! So be sure to neglect it as part of your bodybuilding sessions if you want to reshape your upper body.

How to properly develop the triceps muscle?

In her daily life, Lucy Delattre in particular meets many female athletes who want to tighten the back of their forearms. “Over time, this area can sometimes lose some of its strength,” says the sports teacher. “Thanks to the triceps bodybuilders, we will come specifically to work this part of the body and restore its tone.”

There are different exercises to work the triceps muscle. It can be done at home, with or without equipment, or in the weight room. However, this work should always begin, according to Lucy, with a proper warm-up, and end with a light stretch. “The secret to healthy muscles,” the professor smiles.

She also recommends making sure to keep your back straight during the exercises, your stomach toned and your perineum tight (this also applies to you gentlemen). We also make sure to grow as much as possible, to keep the spine straight.

How to build triceps muscle at home?

Exercise 1 - Reclining the chair

For this first exercise suggested by Lucie Delattre, you'll need a chair. Well, yes, we promised you "no equipment". But the chair is fine, right?

To position yourself, stand with your back to the chair and put your hands on its seat (as a result, put your hands behind your back). The idea is that the weight of your body is not completely resting on your feet and that it works to move your arms. Bend the legs slightly, so you'll be placing your feet slightly in front of your buttocks. Depending on the efforts you can put in, it is up to you to find the right balance to distribute your weight between your arms and feet. Once you reach the position, you will bend your elbows and thus lower your back toward the floor, then come back up. by your body weight,

Exercise 2 - special push-ups for the triceps muscle

Another exercise offered by our reference trainer: special exercises for the triceps. Depending on your level, you can stand on your feet or knees. Unlike traditional push-ups, press your elbows into your ribs. Your hands should be lower and less apart than with traditional push-ups. Thus, you will again use your triceps muscles to support your weight.

Triceps workout with dumbbells

Exercise 3 - Extend the arms over the head

At home or in the gym, you can also develop triceps with dumbbells. Or water bottles of different capacities. There are different exercises to work this area of ​​the body. First, sitting or standing, stretch your arms up, close to your ears, dumbbells in your hand. "You then bend your elbows to bring your hands close to your neck," explains Lucie Delattre. "In this movement, you can start immediately with a 2kg dumbbell. I generally recommend doing the movements with both arms at the same time, for a balanced and coordinated action."

Exercise 4 - triceps extension

Lucy diversifies the pleasures and offers us another exercise with dumbbells: standing, leaning your back forward at about 45°. Be careful, however, to keep it straight and your belly closed. Bend your elbows and place your hands on either side of your ribs. Straighten your arms back and then return them to the folds like the starting position. "I also recommend working both arms at the same time: this allows you to work in coordination and creates a balance between the right arm and the left arm."

You can perform sets of 10 or 20 reps. Work dynamically and then hold a few seconds back in position to engage the triceps.

Triceps exercise with elastic band

Exercise 5 - Extend the arm towards the ceiling

Another accessory for working the back of the hind arms effectively: flexibility. Put one hand under your back: it will hold the bottom of the rubber band. Your other hand is holding the top of the elastic band at the back of your neck. And just tighten it by repeated upward movements. "The hand holding the elastic in the lower back does not move," Lucie Delattre identifies. "We alternate sets of 10 or 20 repetitions, and then alternate sets sideways." This exercise keeps your back straight. But, on the other hand, we didn't say it was easy.

Strengthen your triceps muscles in the gym: pulley, barbell, and barbell

If you want to move forward with your triceps workout, you can go to the weight room. Some machines allow you to work efficiently and benefit from the advice of sports coaches.

Exercise 6 - Pulley

One of the machines that allows you to strengthen the triceps is a pulley system, the load of which can be varied depending on your level and degree of training. "In general, you stand upright, put your hands on the bar, bend your arms and elbows close to the ribs, and lower the bar," says Lucie Delattre. "This thrusting motion toward the floor engages the triceps."

Exercise 7 - Stretching in the bar

Another exercise that requires the use of a weight bench: Lie with your back flat and take the bar, which may be heavier on each side. Start with your arms straight, and bend your arms back, the bar lowering and approaching your forehead. Then push it back. Perform this movement several times, always in a row. "For someone starting out, I recommend not loading the tape," Lucie Delattre explains. "Alone weighs about six kilograms. For added safety, it's best to start without weight and load up when you feel comfortable during the exercise."

Multiple triceps exercises can be done effectively. In order not to get bored, Lucy recommends changing them, working within the circles of exercise, combining different movements, rhythms and efforts. It will also allow you to work out the different components or "heads" of that part of your body.

Well, we didn't say it was going to be easy. But we assure you: if the beginnings are sometimes a little daunting and aches can visit you (we came to say hi), with a little goodwill and enthusiasm of effort, you will undoubtedly be able to manage visible results after a few weeks! And graceful triceps, she's a happy athlete (uh, you don't know that old saying?).


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