Training and repetition of exercises: what's the use?

Training and repetition of exercises: what's the use?

Why do I always have to repeat the same exercises in FizzUp? FizzUp experts regularly have to answer this question. Although repetition of a movement is not always clearly beneficial, trust FizzUp that does not associate training with random repetitions of exercises.

What is repetition?

The rep is one movement of an exercise performed across its full range. It can consist of:

  • either flexion followed by extension,
  • either a descent followed by an ascent,
  • and/or left side and right side movement.
  • Small examples:

When you perform a back lunge to raise the knee, you are doing one exercise when you perform a lunge on the right side and left side.

Repeating the push-up means that you have descended and climbed.

Doing repetitions correctly depends on the amplitude, position, and speed at which you do it. Don't go too fast, especially when getting off or coming back. This allows 100% complete and effective movement.

In fact, muscle work is more effective if you return slowly. If you want to get the optimal pace of achievement, follow the pace of your FizzUp coach on the app.

Conditions that determine your progress

There are many conditions that determine your progress and results. It is important that you know them to advance towards your goal and better understand how your FizzUp software works.

Correct execution of the exercise

When starting a program, find out what new exercises you make up via your schedule, the program page via the Programs tab, or on your home screen. Read the exercise descriptions and note the positions your coach has adopted in the app.

Feel free to repeat the different movements for a few seconds to make it your own.

You can also pause your session at any time and open a description of the exercises that make up your session. You'll have access to the motion execution presentation and FizzUp trainer's advice.

Correct execution of your exercises is essential, as it affects:

  • I felt difficult,
  • Movement efficiency
  • Measure your progress.

Decreased range of motion will reduce the overall effectiveness of the exercise. Remember to always work with sufficient capacity to ensure the full development of the muscles.

For the recommended amplitude, see the description of the exercises. Never put your knuckles in a supine position: In back slopes, for example, never lower your shoulders below your elbows.

Positioning your legs incorrectly, arching your back or forgetting to breathe well during exercise are all risks that can lead to injury or reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Don't waste any more time and learn from the start to do your exercises correctly, you will notice your results rising!

exercise repetition

Another limiting condition for your progress is repetition or the accumulation of a sufficient effective workload.

This is necessary to assess your physical capabilities and see progress. The better you can put together good repetitions of the exercise, the better you will progress. So training and repetition are inseparable if you want results.

Your ability to repeat the same exercise is an ideal indicator of your strength, muscular endurance, and agility. When you still can't complete 10 reps of the same exercise and you're working on it, you're building muscle strength. Then when you cross the 10 reps threshold, you've reached a level of strength enough to develop your endurance. This is your ability to perform a muscle effort over time while maintaining a certain intensity.

It's the practice that makes it perfect. Top athletes repeat the same movement continuously several times until they reach perfection. This is why repetition is so important in a training session. Your body has a memory. Just like your brain's memory, your body records and adapts the information you

 provide to it. It needs to repeat a movement in space over and over again until it is gained. By gradually increasing the number of repetitions, you increase your body's memory and ability to exert effort. That's why when you switch from one program to another on FizzUp, you don't find the same exercises. You have to work on other muscle areas and forget about the previous exercise for a while, to come back to it later and keep moving forward.

Training and repetition are part of the same logic: it is impossible to progress without training that contains repetitive exercises.


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