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Top 4 Triple Boots 2021

 Top 4 Triple Boots 2021

Looking for the perfect triathlon shoe? Conquering water, land and bikes requires specialized shoes. That's why here we feature four of our favorite shoes for triathlon enthusiasts, so you can perform and feel more comfortable and confident with every mile.

Triple champion shoes


The Noosa Tri is one of the classic triathlon shoes. A shoe inspired by an Australian island and is one of the main places where this discipline is practiced. This shoe is characterized by its lightness and dynamism, and is suitable for competitions. Its tongue mounts to the boot's chassis, lacing system, and rear zip, allowing it to be easily removed for a change of fit.

These shoes are designed to run at a speed of about 3:30 minutes per kilometer, which means they are a bit fast. It's intended for middleweight runners, for middle distances at the most, although it can easily be used for a half or full marathon.

Nike Zoom Fly 3

The Zoom Fly 3 is a shoe that is 100% dedicated to competition. With aerodynamic and racer cuts, maximum cushioning and a carbon plate for a more competitive ride. This shoe weighs just under 250 grams, making it a suitable shoe for running from 3:30 to 4:00 minutes per mile.

React technology is the protagonist of this shoe. Absorbent foam whose main quality is energy return or reactivity, as its name suggests. This allows the runner to gain more momentum when running.

For its part, the Flyknit upper features a high-tech fabric that prevents sweat and water from accumulating inside. This is what makes them an excellent choice for triathlons, as they will not lose their lightness at any time. Ideal for middle-weight runners, with a maximum weight of 80 kg and for medium-distance running.

adidas Ultraboost 21

Ultraboost 21 cannot be missing from this list. You've probably heard of it, because it's one of the best road running shoes in history. However, they have also become very popular in triathlon. In fact, it is fast, light, and ideal for those who participate in competitions and are looking to improve their times. In a triathlon, you need a shoe that's fast and not too strong, and that's exactly what adidas guarantees.

Of course, Boost is the main material of this shoe. Very absorbent foam, it is also known to be one of the lightest. Ultraboost is recommended for middleweight and all-around runners, whose weight does not exceed 80 kilograms. In terms of distances, it is well suited for medium and long distances.

Saconi type A9

Saucony A9 shoes are lightweight, aerodynamic running shoes that promote improved speed and cadence. That is why it is an excellent choice for triathlon and running competitions. The shoes feature a drop of 4mm and an incredibly low weight of just 180g. It is recommended for light runners or middle-weight runners if they have good technique and good muscles.

One of their main qualities is the SSL Eva midsole, a light and absorbent material, which gives dynamism to the race. In addition, they have a PwrTrac outsole, which ensures better grip on the ground, so that you can run in complete safety, no matter how intense your run.


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