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Tips for getting started after shutdown

 Tips for getting started after shutdown

In the current situation, outdoor physical exercise has become one of the prohibited activities. But we all knew that the time would come when we could resume this activity. To do this, it is important to know that very important health and safety measures must be taken. Many experts have talked about it and it is important to follow the rules and recommendations, as well as have a good running shoe to start running.

Tips for getting started after shutdown

The isolation caused by the coronavirus has led to the suspension of all outdoor activities and settlements. For those of us who love to run, this posture has hit us like a cold shower. Today, home training is one of the biggest trends that has helped many people deal with this isolation, but the truth is that for runners, it's not that great.

However, we are already starting to talk about what it will be like to return to running in the streets. It is already a fact that in France it is possible to go out for a run, but under very limited conditions. That's why this post focuses on the most important thing, passenger safety.

This is not a guide to recovering physical or technical condition when running, but rather advice on how to start running during this difficult period we live in. We believe it is important to review recommendations so that it is possible to return to the streets safely and without putting people's health at risk.

Run without falling, the most important tip for runners

Upon getting fully involved in the running process, there was a lot of talk about a very specific topic, it was very close. This expression comes from the term "phrasing" used in car and motorcycle racing. It involves running directly behind the opponent in the race, taking advantage of the airspace that the opponent has been able to break apart, in order to run with less resistance.

What we were told was to keep our distance from the runners. If we run in the aftermath, we are more likely to catch the virus. In fact, when he runs, the runner leaves behind a trail in which particles of saliva and sweat float. If we run right behind us, we risk inhaling them.

Keep our distance from other runners

From this interpretation flows advice to keep our distance and avoid getting too close to other runners, for the sake of our own health and the health of others. The official distance, dictated by the authorities, is currently between one and two metres. But when outdoor running is allowed, this distance should not be less than 10 metres. But why should the distance be greater when running? It has been shown that when running the suction is much stronger and more intense, which means that particles can be sent out with greater force and speed, extending their duration in the air as well as their range.

Respiratory droplets are the main route of infection, so it is important to stay away from anyone when running.

Running incrementally - Tips for Getting Started

It is important to stress that measures and recommendations should be implemented from the start of containment.

It is also important to understand that running in the streets must be intertwined. It is important to continue to apply sanitary distancing measures, even if the epidemic risk level has decreased. To do this, in addition to respecting class with other runners, it is recommended to avoid places where runners congregate.


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