The return of the treadmill: From the iconic cardio machine to the King of HIIT

 The return of the treadmill: From the iconic cardio machine to the King of HIIT

Few fitness equipment is as innovative as the treadmill. According to the 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report: “Reflecting the current trend, the treadmill has been ranked as the most popular device over the past three years, with 43% of members using it.” This enthusiasm for the treadmill seems to be for people of all ages.

The reason for this success is relatively simple. It is indeed the ideal machine for the most basic exercises: walking and running. However, its main strength is also its biggest weakness. Many people associate the treadmill with a boring, repetitive exercise.

As the IHRSA study shows, although it is the most commonly used device in health clubs, its overall use is declining. From 2015 to 2017, its overall popularity among members decreased by 5% as younger users moved to more specialized courses and training systems.

However, the situation is undergoing a remarkable change.

Recently, group trainers, gyms, and fitness stars have come up with ways to incorporate the treadmill into more popular exercises, such as HIIT derivatives. Needless to say, these mat workouts were a resounding success. According to a USA Today article, “ClassPass analyzed more than 60 million reservations made in 2018 and found an 82% increase in classes that included treadmill use compared to the previous year.”

If you are a gym manager or member, all you have to do is adopt and test these exercises on mats like SKILLMILL HIIT, SKILLRUN Class or SKILLRUN Bootcamp. This becomes even more important if the thought of running on a treadmill leaves you indifferent or if the people at your gym are gathering dust.

5 explanations for the unbridled success of the treadmill

High intensity exercises on the treadmill should be on the front page of gym brochures or websites for many reasons. Here are five:.

1. Mat training experience

2. Group training is more fun and friendly

3. Mat training is easy to understand for beginners

4. Existing treadmills are already connected entertainment centers and biofeedback devices

5. Mat training is more versatile than ever

1. A treadmill training experience solves the 'paradox of choice'

In his book The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz argues that giving consumers too many choices makes them anxious and dissatisfied. They end up leaving, either without making their decision, or feeling remorse. Experimenting with treadmill exercises eliminates this drawback of modern consumption. Fitness historian Natalia Mehlmann Petzila says of the recent resurgence of the treadmill: “I think the popularity of [the treadmill] is part of the reaction to the allure and sophistication of global fitness.”

2. Group training is more fun and friendly

Using the treadmill as a main component of a group lesson counteracts some of the downsides associated with this type of training. In fact, a collegiate HIIT class is far from boring.

3. Mat training is easy to understand for beginners

Everyone knows how to use a treadmill. Its comfortable level allows trainers to easily suggest new fitness concepts for skeptical members. Those who drop out of HIIT bodybuilding classes or training camps will be easy to convince if they are provided with a machine they already know. Plus, the earlier new members sign up for regular group classes, the more likely they are to stay, the data shows.

4. Existing treadmills are already connected entertainment centers and biofeedback devices

Nowadays, treadmills offer multiple entertainment options, usually on large LCD screens, to motivate users and break the monotony of their workouts.

Members can also control their physiological data on various high-tech consoles through wearables and apps. So they can track their progress and create programs based on specific goals.

5. Mat training is more versatile than ever

If you have a modern treadmill, your device is suitable for both the casual user and the discerning athlete. Whatever type of exercise you choose to do, on a modern treadmill, it's possible.

Treadmill workouts can cater to any audience, and that's a good reason to bring a selection of these innovative tech marvels to your gym.

Redefining the treadmill experience with Skillrun

Technogym has always been an industry leader in product innovation and today we are completely revolutionizing the concept of a treadmill. With SKILLRUN, we use advanced engineering concepts to create a new standard in high performance indoor sports training. Based on the Technogym Multidrive Technology, Skillrun will satisfy anyone looking for more intensity and variety in their workout modes.

With Technogym, gym managers can offer their members a wide range of group or individual exercises that are so popular today thanks to the three versions of Skillrun:

Skillrun TX 500: Perfect for high-intensity workouts like the SKILLRUN Bootcamp or SKILLRUN Class, this machine features a 10-inch front designed for high-performance workouts.

Skillrun Unity 5000: Perfect for running and HIIT, this treadmill features a 19-inch touchscreen display to display high-quality exercise and entertainment data.

Skillrun Unity 7000: With a canopy combination and biofeedback technology, this treadmill offers the best running experience.

Thanks to its high-tech interface, all versions of Skillrun offer its users everything they are looking for in a fast and intuitive way: guided workouts, performance monitoring, Bluetooth audio connectivity and instant adjustments with fast track controls. Navigation controls allow for quick and smooth changes between Run, Sled, and Parachute modes, as well as several run types and incline options.

For rooms with limited space, Skillrun's ergonomic design frees up up to 30% more work space than most standard appliances. Its modern and elegant appearance will appeal to managers who focus on their brand image and the contemporary aesthetics of their rooms.

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