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The most common injuries in athletes

 The most common injuries in athletes

Consider the most common injuries in athletes in order to avoid them or treat them properly.

5 Frequent Injuries in Athletes

Here are the major injuries and illnesses that typically appear in this profile of athletes:


Sharp pain occurs in the shoulder. Usually, it is administered by forward crawl strokes during the swimming portion.

To avoid this injury, it is important not to increase the size of the counters that are completed without control. The ideal is to move forward. On the other hand, stroke technique must also be worked on.

If you have tendinitis, we advise you to stop in time so that the pain does not become too severe, and apply a little ice to the area to reduce inflammation.

Lipid band syndrome

The IT band consists of a tendon that runs along the outside of the leg. This injury occurs frequently in runners. The knee flexes and extends throughout the race, so the friction between the band and the femur causes the knee to swell.

It may seem the result of a poorly planned training plan with excessive mileage.

To improve this injury, it is recommended to apply cold and heat and do self-massage with a sponge roller or other type of roller. Sometimes, taking anti-inflammatories is necessary.

Goose foot: a common injury in athletes

Goosefoot tendinitis mainly occurs in people with foot problems. It can also appear due to problems in the lower back and pelvis.

The most common symptom is persistent pain in the inner area of ​​the knee, sometimes even while standing.

As a solution, stretching and some physical therapy treatments such as electrotherapy, neuromuscular bandages, etc. are usually chosen.

Spinal injuries

Spinal injury or cervical pain frequently occurs in triathletes due to the inclined position they maintain on a road bike.

Keep in mind that the irregularity of the terrain is transmitted to the cervical spine region through the shoulders. It is important to maintain good posture and correctly position the handlebars.

stress fracture

The cause of a stress fracture is also related to the racing phase, as it usually occurs in the foot or hip.

As a result, the athlete experiences bone pain during the activity and a bruise may appear in the area.

This injury is caused by an increased amount of training and a lack of respect for rest periods.

Once an athlete suspects they may have a stress fracture, they should stop the activity and go to a sports doctor for an X-ray or MRI.

The rest period is usually about 6 or 8 weeks. Regarding the activities that can be practiced during this period, swimming is recommended.

These are the most common injuries in athletes. Do not forget that at the slightest suspicion of suffering from any of them, the most reasonable thing is to stop the activity and go to a professional to check the situation.


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