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The burpee is a highly effective fat-burning exercise

 The burpee is a highly effective fat-burning exercise

We will not lie to each other, to burn fat easily, and there is no magic solution. Only the right program of food, sports and motivational focus will allow you to lose weight permanently. Among the highly effective exercises acclaimed in slimming exercises, Burpee exercises are in the starting position.

Essential for weight loss

To burn fat, the principle is simple: you must increase your energy expenditure and make sure it is greater than your calories. Choosing the right sports program, which consists of fat burning exercises, which are performed regularly, is the best strategy for achieving your slimming goal.

A burpee is one of the essential elements of sliding in exercise. It makes you consume the maximum calories and allows your body to burn fat easily. Its strength depends on a combination of movements: you tie a squat, pass on the floor in a plank and pump it up, and return to a crowned squat with a vertical jump.

The intensity of the exercise revolves around the efficiency of the work: to go to the floor, quickly return to the squat position and add a jump, you must spread your maximum physical resources. Practiced regularly, this mini challenge develops your strength, explosiveness, agility, and power. Above all, sequencing these steps at a fairly steady pace speeds up your heart rate and puts you in the heart zone at high speed, making it easier to burn fat.

Another advantage of measuring yourself with a burpee is that it engages all of your muscle groups, arms and legs through your abs and glutes. You are also building your muscle mass. However, developing your muscles increases basal metabolism (energy expenditure at rest). Your body is more sculpted and eats more calories!

For lean, short and intense efforts

Burpee exercises are a good example that cardio exercises, along with building muscle, effectively get rid of extra pounds. More broadly, any sport that requires cardiovascular capacity makes your body more calorie-dense. The body responds to the required effort by extracting energy from fat stores. The fat burning mechanism works at full speed when the efforts are short and intense. Obviously, if you want to increase your energy expenditure, 10 minutes of high intensity exercise is more effective than 1 hour of moderate effort. You move less time but lose more fat!

As you understand, replacing your usual jogging with HIIT (high intensity) exercises saves you time and makes you achieve your goal of losing weight faster. The HIIT, Maxi burn, and Express fat burner programs are modeled after these high-density protocols. They alternate between intense voltage phases and active recovery phases. It is a matter of connecting several cycles of exercises with a precise rhythm:

  • 20 seconds to perform the maximum number of repetitions of an exercise
  • 10 seconds to recover between each 20 seconds session.
  • Burn fat 24 hours after exercise

The muscle-building activity based on the HIIT protocol burns calories for up to 24 hours after your workout. Acceleration of basic metabolism leads to long-term calorie expenditure. This benign post-exercise fat-burning cycle is referred to as EPOC (Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

Thanks to this, your body needs longer than usual to return to its resting state, which enhances the results of your session. HIIT has been scientifically recognized for its ability to reduce fat mass.

The main role of food

Stubborn fats are removed through physical activity but also through nutrition. And this part is not to be neglected: 80% of your weight depends on your diet! Therefore, an exercise program that includes the HIIT protocol must be accompanied by an appropriate diet.

Without changing the contents of your plate and your eating behavior, you won't reap any lasting change. Flee from diets and other methods of deprivation, as they are frustrating and ineffective, to return to the basics of a balanced diet.

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