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The best resistance band that moves the whole body

 The best resistance band that moves the whole body

Resistance Bands, the easiest way to increase the intensity of your workouts!

You might think it can't do much, but a resistance band is an easy way to add resistance to your workouts, without the use of weights or bulky equipment. The resistance bands are portable, which makes them suitable for exercise at home or in the gym, and there are a range of exercises that can be done with them.

There are different types of resistance bands, and it is helpful to have one of each type because it makes it easier to practice many different movements. There are also Technogym loop bands of different thicknesses, which make it possible to obtain different resistances and make the exercise easier or more difficult.

The small range is a continuous loop - usually a small loop - often used for lower body movements. The treatment bar is not a loop. Rather, it is a long (usually very thin) strip. They are often used in rehabilitation after an injury. There are also larger toroidal scopes, which, as the name implies, consist of a single loop, but are much larger, and are often used to aid in pull-ups. Confused about the best exercises with resistance bands? We've rounded up three moves that will burn your muscles and make them work!

bridges with gangs

The bridge with bands is ideal for use with a small belt. As you push your hips up in the bridge position, try to spread your knees slightly apart, so the belt is taut and your lower body muscles are working harder! Also, at the top of the movement, try squeezing the glutes to stimulate it even more!

Tape side mixing

Excellent movement for the entire lower body as well as the core. Here, your mini ride mode will make a big difference in the difficulty of movement. Placing a small strap around your ankles can make this movement more difficult, while placing it above the knees may make it a little easier. When performing a lateral movement, be sure to maintain the resistance of the belt, so that the muscles of the lower body are energized and engaged. Plus, it makes the heart work even harder!

Back crush, foot in the board

This is a great move for big zigzag bands. You will need to attach the belt to the height of a reed around a pole or machine. Guide the stick with the other end of the tape around your thighs. Make sure to sit in a position far enough from your post that the tape is taut, without any slack.

As the movements progress, the resistance band makes each movement more difficult. To add more intensity to your movements, try to hold dumbbells for the duration of the exercise, pausing at the top of each rep to work your core muscles harder!


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