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The 5 mistakes people make after exercising

 The 5 mistakes people make after exercising

Summer vacation is often a chance to make time to exercise and get back in shape. But before jumping headlong, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Taking advantage of the freshness of the morning to run on the beach is so much fun. But we must not forget some basic rules such as avoiding running after lunch or escaping from the sweltering heat. Today, we are going to list the mistakes that you should not make after a gym session.

don't shower

Did you just run hungry? Don't rush to the kitchen, go through the bathroom first. You are sweating a lot, so you have to shower to prevent bacteria growth. In addition, sweating cools the body, so it is important not to expose your muscles to a drastic change in temperature.

This is also why we advise you not to take a cold shower. Start with hot water and gradually reduce the temperature. Gently, it will allow your blood to circulate better. Once cleaned, you can maintain yourself.

eat like a ghoul

Eating after a workout is a good thing, but beware of overeating. We should not feel bloated and cut short all our efforts. Feel free to eat foods that are rich in protein and low in calories. Eat fruits, grains, dairy products, eggs, salmon or even chicken.

You can also eat sweet products, but you prefer natural sugars that are easy to assimilate and provide minerals essential for good muscle health. Finally, it is recommended to eat within two hours of physical exertion, since this happens when the body is trying to replenish its reserves.

Don't stay idle

Are you tired after exercise? This is no reason to snuggle up on your couch. If you stop doing anything after intense physical exertion, your muscles may stiffen. Walking, cooking, wandering...what is needed is to avoid idleness.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended that you immediately set off after sports on projects that require a lot of effort. Your body needs rest. So act gently so you don't make your muscles suffer too much.

Watch out for stretching

The issue of stretching after sports is discussed. Some believe these stretches are necessary to avoid aches, while others argue that they can damage your muscles. Sports doctors explain that it is better to warm up than to stretch before physical exertion. After intense physical activity, one should not immediately stretch.

It may even seem that stretching right after a workout may make the pain worse, because it will increase the small muscle damage caused by the effort. In addition, stretching can impede blood circulation. If you want to reduce pain, stretch gently an hour after exercise. These extensions shouldn't hurt you.

drink anything

After exercising, you should drink because exercise makes you sweat, but let's not go for sugary drinks or energy drinks. "It's excessively sweet, not necessarily a sugar that can be absorbed in the effort," Frédéric Matton, president of the French Society of Sports Nutrition, explains in 20 minutes. It does not contain any minerals, especially salt. This leads to low minerals in the kidneys, thus there is a risk to the heart upon exertion. »

All you need is to drink water. On the other hand, you should not drink half a liter of water at once. Just small sips spread throughout the day. 6 or 8 glasses of water a day is more than enough.


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