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Stronger, more flexible and mobile structure: follow the flow

 Stronger, more flexible and mobile structure: follow the flow

With prolonged sitting and inactivity, you feel a little rusty... Say goodbye to stiffness with a yoga, Pilates, mobility and fitness inspired hybrid. These complementary activities that deeply strengthen, stretch and open the body are the secret to improving mobility, both daily and in training, while reducing the risk of injury. How do you enjoy it without forcing an extended exercise schedule?

Allow yourself to get away with Flow, your new FizzUp program, which is trained entirely by video. A small revolution in your living room will change your body awareness and your view of training.

Free yourself from stiffness, enemies of movement

Arched back, locked shoulders, firm hips, compressed rib cage... Against the rigidity and tension you engage, which you sometimes feel even during training by reducing the range of motion, your body requires more movement and flexibility. The treatment involves balancing the body, and sometimes surfing for strength, flexibility, strengthening, and stretching. Reconciling these discordant traits in one sitting is a matter of squaring the circle a priori.

Unless you indulge in a hybrid exercise, mixed with the moves of Pilates, yoga, fitness, and mobility. That's fine, the new FizzUp Flow is exactly the link between all of these disciplines. Through its integration, it is ideal for restoring ease and fluidity of movement, improving your training and your daily well-being.

Stretching with yoga

Yoga and Pilates come together in their focus on posture and breathing. In yoga, for example, breathing is similar to movement. It is the vital impulse that connects the body with the soul, brings a lot of energy and vitality and calms the mind. Above all, it promotes deep action on muscles, joints and connective tissues (fascias, tendons, ligaments).

The sequence of poses helps you regain openness and smoothens the body as you sculpt it. You develop joint movement such as the spine that expands and straightens, frees the rib cage, and frees the hips and shoulders. Lengthening the silhouette, cultivating its strength, is in a standing (warrior) position or on the floor using the abdominal muscles.

Deep Pilates Strengthening

In Pilates, the focus is on strengthening the deep muscles in addition to working on the movement. All attention is drawn around the heart, the "energy center" (to use the terms of the Joseph Pilates method) which includes the deep back and abdominal muscles (pelvic floor, transverse muscles, and paravertebral muscles), which are recruited into the movements as both strength and mobility.

It exercises posture (self-development of the body), coverage (ventral or dorsal), develops coordination, accuracy of movement, concentration and connection to oneself.

Move efficiently with mobility

Incorporating mobility exercises into this Yoga + Pilates will complement its benefits. Performing certain exercises on a regular basis helps restore the joints' widening, giving them complete freedom of movement. to do what?

Oftentimes, poor posture, poor posture, or exercise that places a heavy emphasis on bodybuilding cause the muscles and ligaments to lose their elasticity and extensibility, which reduces ease and mobility. In other words, you move less on a daily basis and reach your limits more quickly in your workouts.

Mobility balances these harmful effects by bringing the balance back into equilibrium. Thus you find all the latitudes to produce effective movements and to advance your training.

Flow, a complete wellness program

Streamlined and flexible with yoga, strengthening and support posture with Pilates, fluidity and freedom of movement with movement, strength with a well-researched many ingredients that FizzUp has brought together in Flow to build a strong, healthy body. balance.

In this complete program that is so complementary to your regular FizzUp workout routine, you can allow yourself to be fully guided by a video trainer (a first time on FizzUp!). For 30 minutes, follow gentle sheathing, strengthening and stretching movements that respect your body and on specific topics: lower body, upper body, open shoulders, twisting (spinal rotation) ...

In 9 training sessions, 3 sessions per week (ideal for a regular and efficient rhythm), you learn to listen better to your body, take care of it and feel light and cheerful. So allow yourself to be tempted and now immerse yourself in the Flow experience on FizzUp!


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