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Stretching Ally Athlete

 Stretching Ally Athlete

Stretching is one of the basic sports rituals. Stretching has multiple benefits for the body, mind and quality of your results. Find out all the good reasons to make it a new habit and get involved with FizzUp Stretching!

relax the muscles

The call to stretch often elicits apathy or frowning among athletes. Oftentimes, stretching, which is sometimes considered unnecessary, is actually seen as an athletic reflex as necessary as a warm-up.

In a sports routine, stretching allows the muscles to recover from their emotions and fully recover from their efforts. Stretching exercises are the perfect complement to your regular workouts and also allow you to achieve maximum results.

Injury prevention

Anything useless, stretching restores flexibility, length and flexibility to the muscles used during sports. By helping them relax, you promote the regeneration of muscle fibers that were damaged during the session and gain range of motion.

This leads to better recovery after exercise which helps reduce muscle fatigue. In turn, stretching makes you more efficient in your workouts. Stretching is also a good habit that helps prevent injuries, just like hydration or a good sleep.

expulsion of stiffness

If you often feel tense and stiff, there's good news: gentle, body-friendly stretching movements are ideal for relieving stiff muscles and joints.

Physical therapists recommend stretching regularly, especially if you spend a lot of time in a sitting position, especially in the office. Stretching helps open the body and is one of the natural remedies for back pain and sciatica.


Another reason not to let go, a few minutes of stretching saves you a moment, refocuses and gives up on yourself. Some athletes use it as a tool to combat stress and reconnect oneself in the same way as meditation and yoga.

Certain stretching movements, performed before bedtime, help poor sleepers to fall more easily into the arms of Morpheus.

Tips to do it well

If they are very useful, the question is how to properly practice stretching. Bad moves or investments, made in a hurry, can have the opposite effect of what is intended. Here are the good reflexes to know to enjoy stretching exercises:

Take the time to do stretching: At the end of a regular exercise session, target the body parts used during exercise or also away from your workout sessions with a specific stretching session. For each stretch, hold an average of 20 seconds on each body part. You do not know how to do it? At FizzUp, we suggest that you finish your daily session with adaptive stretches by showing you the position. Follow the guide!

No pain: Stretching exercises may tighten the target area slightly but should not cause any pain. If necessary, stop the movement.

Softness and progression: Put yourself into a smooth stretching position. Once in position, gradually stretch without the risk of muscle strain. Stretching exercises adapt to your body, not the other way around. The trick: Listen to the signals your body is sending and gently respect your boundaries.

Stretch regularly. Like any physical activity, benefits can be felt more easily with repetition. If you want to stretch outside of a sports session, choose the time that suits you according to your schedule and desires: in the morning to wake up your body or in the evening, for example, at bedtime.

Stretching feels great! Stretching brings muscle relaxation, makes you more flexible and dispels stiffness and tension. Stretching helps you recover from your muscular efforts and relax you to move forward with your workouts.

It's never too late to start! At the end of a session or in a modified program, FizzUp guides you in your new stretching routine through 3 customized programs:

Stretching: A personalized chart stretching routine.

Stretch 2: For the most advanced.


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