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Strength and balance with the Swiss ball

 Strength and balance with the Swiss ball

ذذذذذ The Swiss ball, a large, flexible and unstable ball, invites you to let go and develops the essential qualities in athletes such as balance, coverage and focus.

popular supplement

Don't be fooled by its plump, plump wrapper, Swiss Ball isn't easy to impress. Dubbed the gym or swiss ball by insiders, this large flexible ball bends over to exercises that are anything but soft that challenge your balance and your core. This explains her original success in the Pilates studio, before she established herself in the gym where she found her place in both circuit workouts and in the positional gym or fitness classes.

postural work

A flexible home training accessory to use, it lends itself to a range of exercises as long as you know how to be one with it and take your time. Swiss ball training requires a certain amount of focus and calmness, which are the qualities required to master this unstable ball. In a seated or lying position, this supplement teaches you to control your body. Regular sessions with Swiss Ball improve your posture and body alignment but also prevent and relieve back pain.

Deep muscle strengthening

Striving for stability in static sheathing poses with unstable balance strengthens your deep, stable muscles, especially in the back and abdomen. In dynamic exercises, you also engage your superficial muscles. If you're aiming for back muscles, flat stomachs, or tight thighs and buttocks, this is a must: its use increases the intensity of your body weight exercises. Your body is engaged as a whole and becomes stronger.

global relaxation

The most stressed and energetic will also find another reason to fall in love with it: the Swiss ball is also a great accessory for relaxation and well-being. With him, any messy and hasty effort is met with failure. You have no choice but to let go of your mental resistance and let yourself go. By focusing on your breathing and body, you release your tensions and relax your body and mind.

for all athletes

Faced with these advantages, it would be a mistake to put the Swiss ball in the equipment intended for pregnant women and beginners. Her multidisciplinary approach is a success with sports, wellbeing, physiotherapists and dance. It convinces athletes of all types, from beginners to athletes, who find this ball, flexible and rigid, a great complement to their regular workouts.

Develop deep muscles and balance and work on your back or flat stomach. Swiss Ball training offers an equally effective compromise to intense and energetic training with the added bonus of relaxation and free time. Become a fan of this addon yourself by discovering your new Swiss ball software on FizzUp.


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