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Street exercise: beginner training

 Street exercise: beginner training

Do you want to start street workouts? Discover Kevin Soller's routine.

Work out your strength in the open air by following our beginner's street workout.

Street workout: 45 minute session

This routine is intended for regular practitioners of traditional bodybuilding. If you are new to this practice, feel free to get help carrying out the exercises. Repeat this exercise 4 times in a circle:

• 5 assisted pull-ups (flexible)

• 10 push-ups

• 6 incline

• 10 exercises

Exercise #1: Traction

Targeted muscles: the latissimus dorsi, the trochanter major, the small and second trochanter of the arm (biceps brachii, anterior humerus, longus brachii, trapezius, rhomboid and posterior deltoid).

• Execution of the exercise: it is suspended from the horizontal bar, so that the hands are separated by a fist greater than shoulder width. The arms are almost straight (avoid pulling them completely to protect your joints), the feet are parallel. Get up and pull your body up until your chin is higher than the bar, then pull down.

• Breathing: inhale when going up and exhale when going down.

• Safety instructions: Stay straight throughout the exercise, do not arch your back. Movement must be controlled, especially during landing.

• Repetition: 5 repetitions.

Exercise #2: Pump

• Targeted muscles: the pectoralis major muscle, the anterior deltoid muscle, and the triceps muscle.

• Execution of the exercise: the starting position is in the plank. Spread your hands about shoulder width apart, straighten your arms, and close your pelvis. Lower your chest to the floor, tighten your abdominal muscles. Return to the initial position by pressing the arms.

• Breathing: inhale when descending and exhale when ascending.

• Safety instructions: keep your abdominal muscles tight during the exercise so as not to arch your back (sheathing); Always keep the body aligned. Feel free to perform the exercise on the knees in case of difficulty.

• Rehearsals: 10 repetitions.

Exercise #3: Drops on parallel bars, 1 hand per bar

• Targeted muscles: chest muscles, front deltoid muscle, triceps muscle, back (latus latissimus), trapezius muscle, abdominal muscles.

• Execution of the exercise: leaning on two parallel bars, knees bent, chest bent forward. Start the movement from the top, arms are almost straight (avoid pulling them completely to protect your joints). Lower your body until you have a breadth of 90 degrees (arms parallel to the floor) and then return to the initial position at the top without locking the knuckles.

• Breathing: inhale as you lower the exhale as you return to the starting position.

• SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Descend gently, without rocking, as far as your flexibility allows, but without forcing. Your feet should not touch the ground. Don't make any parasitic movement of the body, stay put and push the arms up.

• Repetition: 6 repetitions.

For a more advanced level, go to the muscle up (a combination of pull-ups and dips): position of the outstretched arms hanging from the horizontal bar: position the pelvis at the level of the bar and then push the arms up to reach the taut body.

Exercise #4: Inversion or bust lift on the floor

• Targeted muscles: straight abdomen.

• Execution of the exercise: Lie on the floor, legs bent (make your feet as close to your buttocks as possible), and your feet hip-width apart. The hands are placed at the level of the temples (do not put them behind the head). Roll the bust forward, tucked into the chin. Tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your lower back flush with the floor. Return to the initial position smoothly.

• Breathing: inhale at the beginning of the movement, and exhale while rotating the chest.

• Safety instructions: Do not lift your lower back during contraction.

• Repetition: 10 repetitions.


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