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Should you maintain your weight gain during pregnancy?

 Should you maintain your weight gain during pregnancy?

As we have seen in many articles on our blog, the period of confinement we are going through today forces us to stay home and limits our exercise. So we must organize our training at home to preserve as much muscle mass as possible during regular physical activity. However, if you are in a period of mass gain, this period may be useful to allow you to expend fewer calories but be careful not to overeat because the workouts are not the same as usual.

In this article, we will see if it is worth maintaining your diet to gain mass in this difficult period of the Corona virus.

What is a collective gain?

Gaining mass is the period when an athlete must have a caloric surplus in order to save more calories than expended to improve weight and gain muscle. So this period aims to take in maximum muscle while minimizing fat storage. So it is a mandatory step if you want to progress in bodybuilding but also in athletic performance.

For this, it is essential to absorb more calories than you need while ensuring your preference for good, healthy, unprocessed foods. No need to throw yourself at donuts, "junk food" or others to increase calories more easily! Gaining mass does not have to be synonymous with gaining fat.

Grounding and containment

With less physical activity and lower daily caloric expenditure due to confinement, mass gains should be reviewed to avoid absorbing too many calories which can promote fat storage. In fact, the contributions cannot be identical to the norm. For this, it would be better to recalculate your needs taking into account your physical activity at home and the fact of staying at home, thereby reducing movement.

For our part, we recommend having a slight excess of about 200 calories if you definitely want to continue your mass gains and bodyweight training at home or using rubber bands or dumbbells if you have them. So the loads won't be the same as intense indoor training, but you can adopt exercise circuits with more sets and repetitions for more intensity.

Anyway, don't risk going out for a run or otherwise, stay home and train at home!


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