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Running a Marathon - Tips and Tricks

 Running a Marathon - Tips and Tricks

Want to run a marathon and not die in trial? Are you determined to run the famous 42,195 metres? Do you want to imitate the great Eliud Kipchoge and achieve glory?

Running a marathon is often one of the most desirable challenges for runners. But crossing the finish line after 42 km of the race is no small feat. If you're considering running a marathon and aren't sure where to start, pay attention to these tips:

Recommendations before you run a marathon

1. Honesty

First of all, it's important to be honest with yourself: Can I really run a marathon? Am I ready, physically and mentally, to run 42 km in a row? Have you received enough training? It is useless to be too enthusiastic if we do not do our homework beforehand. Running such a race without being aware of it, unprepared or in poor physical condition can be fatal.

2. Training

The key is training and consistency. Before running the marathon, it is desirable that you are in good physical condition. Start by taking part in races of less than 10 or 20 kilometers before sliding. Running 20-30 miles per week for the past year is good training. If you are not sure how to prepare yourself physically, you can refer to a professional training plan.

Pay attention to the week before the marathon. If you have implemented your training plan well, your body will probably already be prepared, so you can reduce your workouts so as not to risk getting tired.

3. Health

Before you participate in a marathon, you should consult your doctor. We must be aware that an activity such as running can cause injuries, as well as bring old turmoil to the surface. If you have had any injuries in the past, you should tell your doctor.

4. Food

Diet and hydration are essential. Consult your doctor or personal trainer to get a clearer idea of ​​the type of food you should eat before and during the marathon. However, know that drinking is the only way to fight dehydration. The ideal is drinking.

5. Comfort

Sometimes we don't give enough importance to rest, but it is one of the keys to good results. Without rest there is no recovery, and without recovery there is no good performance. In runners, it is common for them to end up "fatigue" from overtraining. We must respect the times and listen to our bodies.

marathon day tips

1. Don't take risks

Improvising, getting creative, or trying new things on race day is not a good idea. On the day of the marathon, you should play it safe, and not wear new shoes or add new accessories that may distract or complicate the race.

2. Eat a good breakfast

Breakfast is very important. Try not to eat foods with a lot of fiber, dairy products, meat, or eggs. Bananas are a great choice, provide a lot of energy and are easy to digest.

3. Consume carbohydrates

They will help you for longer. The body needs energy and carbohydrates are your best allies. You can also use glucose tablets every 30 minutes.

4. Beware of friction

Nipple protection. Sweat and shirt can cause chafing and injury. Use patches to prevent chafing.

5. Driving speed

It is not recommended to start too fast, but do work at less than your training pace. Remember that the most important kilometers are 30 to 42.

6. Calm and Psychology

In addition to using your legs, you should also use your head. Develop a strategy. Mentally divide the race into several stages and proceed step by step. You have to be very calm and patient.

7. When you're done

Stay hydrated, eat protein, and rest. Taking a cool shower can relieve pain and reduce sore muscles.


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