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Running and the gym, we give you the keys to combining them

 Running and the gym, we give you the keys to combining them

When it comes to activities that match perfectly, running and aerobics are among them. Racers are constantly looking for exercises to improve their endurance and strength, which helps them perform better in races. That's why below we tell you the most important things about the relationship between running and the gym.

Operation and training, the perfect combination

Running is an activity that requires good muscle development. The lower body has the most direct impact at this point, with the buttocks and legs being the most involved in running. Indirectly, the muscles of the upper body also play an important role in running.

This is why many runners seek to supplement their running training with training in the gym. By working on muscle strength and endurance, your running performance will also be positively affected, allowing for more endurance, more agility and speed and a reduced risk of injury. That is why we can say that training in the gym and running are two activities that perfectly complement each other.

Benefits of combining running with the gym

As mentioned, the combination of these two activities will only lead to benefits for the body and performance. Here are some of the main benefits of combining running and the gym.

Increase the endurance of all the muscles of the body to withstand the intensity of the race.

  • Muscles are strengthened.
  • Reduce the risk of infection.
  • Leg muscles gain strength and endurance.
  • Improving stability and balance. _
  • Improving the ability to maintain a running pace, through muscle strength.

Get a pair of shoes for each specialty

If you have already decided to combine running training with gym training, it is important to have the right equipment. In the market you can find running shoes specially designed for running. This type of shoe specializes in cushioning because running is a high-impact activity and you need good cushioning. On the other hand, training shoes were created to be worn in the gym, for strength and endurance exercises, as well as for high intensity interval workouts. This type of shoe specializes in stability and support.

Exercising without proper shoes can be a significant health risk, as the potential for injury is higher. However, there are also hybrid shoes that can be used in the gym or for running. However, if you are an experienced runner, we recommend getting shoes specific to this discipline.

Best exercises for runners

Most runners focus on lower body exercises in the gym to improve leg strength and endurance. If you also have the same goal, some of the best exercises are robotic squats, squats, and leg curls.

All of the above exercises can be supplemented with other exercises that involve other parts of the body to build overall muscle strength. You can perform abdominal exercises with or without weights, as well as back strengthening exercises such as pull-ups, rowing and pull-ups.

Arm muscle training can never be superfluous. Biceps, triceps and chest exercises are also recommended. The strength will be reflected in all the muscles of the body in the run.

This is just a small description of the exercises that runners usually do. But to put it into practice, it is advisable to do it in the company of a trainer in the gym, in order to develop a routine specific to your body type and goals, as well as to avoid injuries in the process.


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