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Rowing Machine Training: Here are the best practices

 Rowing Machine Training: Here are the best practices

The rowing machine is a complete piece of fitness equipment with endless benefits. Especially popular in the 1990s according to various experts, it lost some of its appeal with the advent of new weight machines, including the treadmill and exercise bike. However, the rower has many advantages to ask. This allows you to build your endurance with a single rowing exercise. Discover the many advantages of this device  with Technogym.

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The rowing machine is a very popular cardio exercise machine in the gym. You can also use it at home if you have the space to install it. One rowing exercise is enough to engage all your muscles. Thanks to this device, you can work the abdominal girdle, buttocks, biceps, triceps, quads, back, trapezius and legs.

It all depends on the type of training you decide to pursue. Above all else, the rowing machine allows you to have a silhouette stylized and refined. In addition, it allows you to improve your abilities and strength. Thus, the rowing machine is a useful tool for health and well-being. It helps you develop agility and gain flexibility. It prevents pain in the joints and reduces the risk of infection. Thus, it is a reasonable supplement to an exercise bike or other sports equipment.

An improved cardiovascular system is arguably the best benefit of rowing. It is a powerful activity that contributes to the prevention of diseases associated with diabetes and weight gain. One rowing session is enough to shed calories. Thus, this equipment is also excellent for stimulating weight loss. You will notice positive results in just 3 weeks provided you exercise regularly.

Rower in the service of physical development and well-being

By using the indoor rowing machine, you will get satisfactory results on both your upper and lower body. You can reproduce the same gestures as on the rowing machine. So, when you use it, you are working out all the muscles of the body. Once you grab it, you gain strength in the arms. The biceps and abdominals, as well as the triceps, are also used. Rowing is also beneficial by developing your back muscles.

This equipment is equally useful for the lower body. You will appreciate its effects on localized areas below the waist. It allows you to work both legs and glutes. Equipped with a sliding seat, it specially fits all the muscles of your lower extremities.

Get the most out of your rowing machine

The indoor rowing machine allows you to exercise your legs and arms while pulling while reducing stress on your back.

Also, the rowing machine allows you to lock your back and relax your arms. While doing this type of exercise, don't lean back. Make sure to keep your chest perpendicular when lifting the handle against you. Also, avoid pulling too far. There is no need to lift the handle up to your chin.

Once you have mastered the use of a rowing machine, all you have to do is do the best exercises.

In addition, the rowing machine allows you to perform exercises for beginners. If 15 minutes is the ideal time to start, learn how to set your limits and gently push them over. A confirmed athlete can do up to 45 minutes of rowing with 3 sets of five minutes, to be renewed 3 times, at a much more intense pace than a beginner's speed. In addition, it is recommended to observe a one-minute break between two sets. Athletes who are accustomed to intense sessions can perform a three-minute series at a rate of 20 rowing movements per minute.. After a break, it is possible to increase the speed to 24 rowing strokes per minute.

Thus, Technogym offers you to follow the advice of our virtual trainers who will not hesitate to guide you for an effective workout at home.

Why choose Technogym rowing machine?

Technogym recommends the Skillrow indoor rowing machine, which you can assemble and disassemble easily. Practical and space-saving, it can be easily stored in the space you have.

Choose the resistance level using the custom dial. View exercise data from an easy-to-use touch screen console. Finally, take advantage of the convenience of the device to extend your training sessions and reach new levels.

Thanks to Skillrow, you can take advantage of pre-set programs according to your goals. These are developed by experts. You can control your performance and follow your various progress. This rowing machine is professional equipment that you can also use at home. This machine stimulates your heart and allows you to burn a large number of calories, which is why it is among the most efficient fitness equipment.


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