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Rowing machine or treadmill?

 Rowing machine or treadmill?

Rowing machine or treadmill? this is the question. If you are undecided and not sure which one to choose between a treadmill and a rowing machine, this article will clear your mind by guiding you to the right decision.

Rowing machine or treadmill: the answer depends on your needs

If you like to exercise while staying at home and want to enjoy a cardiovascular workout that can engage all your muscles, then you are on the right track.

Cardio has many benefits, such as losing weight and building muscle. Rowing and walking machines allow you to work out several muscle groups at once, and you will achieve excellent results in a short time, but in a sustainable way, without compromising your posture. In addition, this equipment reduces stress, regulates blood pressure and makes you burn a lot of calories.

So, treadmill vs rowing machine: how do you choose? Don't worry, Technogym is here to help you. In this article, we will explain in detail the differences between these two devices in order to allow you to better understand the performance and advantages of each. We hope that at the end of your reading you have made the right decision: the choice to stay healthy through sport with Technogym.

How does the rowing machine work?

In collaboration with some mathematicians, we designed the Skillrow model for you. Built to simulate the work of rowing, rowing is one of the most useful and complete devices for home training. It will allow you to stimulate both the upper and lower body muscles. Perfect for low-impact exercises on the joints, our rowing machine will make you feel like you're paddling in the water thanks to the Aquafeel System.

It is also important to learn to master the device well. This is why Skillrow has different features, such as the Multidrive Technology option.

It's a tweak that lets you select the level of resistance you want, as well as choose between a cardio-focused workout - which raises your heart rate - or an energy-focused workout - which increases your load. To put you to the test.

Ergonomic design and high technology are combined: thanks to the Skillrow app that you can install on your smartphone and the purpose-provided support on the rowing machine to accommodate your device, you will be able to follow your results and progress in real time. Of course, you will be able to connect with other athletes remotely and challenge yourself, but also train with a virtual coach. In short, choose the rower and your efforts will be rewarded.

Rowing machine advantages

During a rowing session, you burn between 250 and 700 calories per hour, depending on the program and intensity of your workout. At the same time, you will make an effort on your back, arms, legs and stomach: this will work 80% of the muscles of your body! Engaging several muscles at once will improve your coordination and posture, keeping your shoulders lower and back slightly.

The rowing machine puts very little stress on the joints, which greatly reduces the risk of accidents. In addition, you will lose weight while sitting comfortably.

In short, the training provided by this tool is one of the most complete, because it combines cardio activity with muscle building.

This all-in-one device will allow you to benefit from complete and effective aerobic training. After a session on our rowing machine, your strength will be at its max!

How does the treadmill work?

The treadmill is perfect for a walking or running session, whether you want to keep fit or lose weight.

The surface of our mats adapts to running and absorbs shock, while our cushioning system protects the joints of your legs and feet, which are under extreme strain during the effort. When lying down, our treadmill can simulate a climb that ranges from 0 to 15%. In addition, its speed can reach 18 km / h.

Our mats allow you to set goals according to your requirements, but also to monitor your performance in real time and also over time. In addition, it adapts to your needs: based on your heart rate, it adjusts the intensity of effort and speed through the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system. Because we want to guarantee you effective training, without compromising safety.

Benefits of the treadmill

By stimulating the cardiovascular system, the treadmill will make you burn a lot of calories: 600 to 1,000 calories per hour. Although all the muscles of your body come into action during the run, this exercise intensively trains the lower muscles: the legs, the butt muscles, the abdominal muscles as well as all the muscle bundles connected to them. Running sessions will improve the silhouette and tone of, among other things, the thighs and buttocks. Technogym Live app presents

Our virtual training programs. This will allow you to set goals according to your expectations, such as losing weight, preparing for a marathon, or just staying fit. You can also follow a coach and stay connected with the running community. In addition, if desired, walking or running can take place virtually within a landscape or cityscape of the world using our latest technology.

Thus, you will have the impression that you are walking on the sands of an African desert or walking along the shore of the Caribbean Sea! The Run Personal Treadmill also features a new user interface that lets you control your pace, calories burned, heart rate, and more. Thus, you will train the same way an Olympic athlete trains by achieving your own goals.

in a summary?

Now, home training is one of the most practiced activities in the world. This guide made us realize that it is important to choose gym equipment based on personal preferences and aspirations. Thanks to this article, we hope your choice between a rowing machine and a walking machine will be less complicated.

So if you want to tone all your muscles while doing cardio, the Skillrow rowing machine is the right machine for you. It will make you lose weight while boosting your strength. However, compared to a treadmill, you will burn fewer calories during the same session, but you will improve your strength and endurance.

A treadmill burns more calories than a rowing machine, especially by working out the lower body muscles.

MyRun and Run Personal adapts to your needs, encouraging you to engage in a fun activity. You will lose weight very quickly and your heart will thank you.

Although they are different, both sports - running and rowing - boost metabolism by providing a complete cardiovascular workout.

Whatever your decision, at Technogym, we help you realize your dreams by providing you with equipment that is synonymous with technology, safety, reliability and quality.


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