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Our advice on sports for pregnant women

 Our advice on sports for pregnant women

Regular exercise is good for your health. But what about pregnant women? Sport and pregnancy are perfectly compatible and this would make it possible to avoid some complications during pregnancy as well as during the delivery itself. All future mothers should know the benefits of walking as well as the positive effects of prenatal yoga on the body. Additionally, sports are generally known for their antidepressant power.

Although sports for pregnant women, although highly recommended, should be adapted to the physical capabilities of each and respect the doctor's recommendations. As pregnancy progresses, some sports are not recommended. It is of course necessary to avoid intense sports throughout pregnancy and to promote muscle strengthening, gentle gymnastics and any gentle activity that increases the capacity of the heart and oxygen.

But what are the recommended sports? Especially at what time of pregnancy?

Sports and pregnancy: Any exercise during pregnancy

Some of them are already seasoned athletes and can continue their usual training during the first trimester of pregnancy and reduce the effort from the second. For others, why not take the opportunity to get into sports?

Indoor bike for pregnant women

Cycling is an excellent exercise that helps blood circulation, especially in the legs. It is an ideal exercise for pregnant women who suffer from heavy legs. The pedal will also help increase the oxygen capacity that will be necessary during childbirth. Most high-quality indoor bikes are ideal for this workout because a medium-intensity flat pedal is recommended. The exercise bike also makes it

 possible to avoid handling various compositions of the ground which are sometimes very rough and above all should be avoided in order not to abuse the child and avoid complications. Thanks to the indoor course, it is possible to train from home and at your own pace. The exercise bike is recommended throughout pregnancy provided you follow the advice of your doctor or midwife and above all listen to your body.

The benefits of walking

Walking is an excellent sport for pregnant women. In fact, this would reduce the risk of varicose veins and edema formation in the lower legs. The treadmill is an excellent tool for managing the intensity of your exercise, which varies by trimester. Brisk walking is recommended until the end of the second trimester in order to develop cardio capacity, then it should be less intense than in the third trimester. Plus, the treadmill is perfect for days when you don't want to go outside or when the weather isn't right. Being able to continue to exercise in the comfort of your home and without a schedule is the best solution. The advantage of having a modern gym machine at home is digital integration to benefit from personal training at home.

Building muscle for pregnant women

Muscle-strengthening exercises in preparation for childbirth are highly recommended. Kegel exercises, for example, would avoid the risk of tearing during childbirth, urinary incontinence, and the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Lean gym and stretching are also known to be true allies of childbirth but also to avoid excessive weight gain and thus maintain the correct weight during pregnancy. It is essential that these muscle-strengthening exercises remain gentle so as not to harm joints weak due to pregnancy. It is possible to find muscle building programs from a professional.

Yoga for pregnant women, otherwise known as prenatal yoga, is great for relaxing and dealing with the emotions that often fester throughout pregnancy. It helps relieve stress and reduces childbirth anxiety.

Sports after pregnancy (postpartum)

Exercising after pregnancy, especially strengthening the perineum muscles, is a priority after childbirth. It is necessary to do exercises so that she regains her tone as quickly as possible and avoids the risk of enuresis.

Losing weight is one of the first thoughts after giving birth. Many women want to get their bodies back and feel fit. However, caution and follow the recommendations of the doctors before embarking on any sports activity.

Walking remains the most recommended exercise before starting a more intense activity such as running. The treadmill can be a real ally in achieving the set goals. In fact, thanks to multiple integrated programs and personal training at home, there is no longer a need to go to the gym to get fit!

After gently resuming the sport for several weeks, it is then possible to intensify the sports sessions and increase the difficulty with the help of various fitness programs. It may be time to take online courses and choose the ones that best suit each person's abilities and desires.

Sometimes we prefer exercising on our own, so why not take advantage of the practicality of an adaptive exercise bike designed specifically for health and fitness? Designed for people with reduced mobility, those with back problems or just people looking for a more comfortable product, the Recline Forma range is ideal for pregnant women. the most? It gives us the opportunity to follow the video lessons thanks to the built-in screen and to restore its sometimes lacking motivation!


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