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Marina: regain the taste of sports and lose centimeters of your waistline

 Marina: regain the taste of sports and lose centimeters of your waistline

Marina gives you her opinion on the FizzUp Transformation Challenge, which in 9 weeks managed to restore her self-confidence and give her the necessary dose of motivation to stick to her goal.

Who are you and why did you join the FTC?

"My name is Marina, I'm 28. I've never been a great athlete. I tried to get into it a few times. I did it a bit before the FTC but I wasn't a regular at all.

My relationship with the body has always been difficult because I'm overweight. It's also why I started this challenge, I wanted to get a taste of the sport back and feel better in my sneakers. »

How do you see this FTC experience?

“This challenge helped me stay motivated and not give up! I felt a real support from the group. The FizzUp team and challengers are very caring, always responsive and available. It’s great to have a community like this!”

Besides, I really appreciate the follow up and the fact that I take pictures of myself every week to send to the trainer. This really allowed me to see my first results.

It has always been a pleasure to receive feedback from coaches, it is very important to have an outside perspective. And when you understand that your results are visible to others as well, that gives you a huge boost! I also enjoyed the live exercises, and found the coordination very nice. "

How did you click during the challenge? What conclusions do you draw from it?

"Pictures and clothes! That's really when I noticed my transformation and my results. It boosted me even more in the future and I realized that my efforts finally paid off."

Today I am more assertive and feel better in my body. I would say that on the scales it is only two kilograms but on the whole body, I see changes! I am more comfortable in my clothes. I also took my measurements and found that I lost a lot in my stomach and thighs. Looking at the pictures, I see real progress from week to week! I am proud to hold this challenge and the results obtained. »

FizzUp or a gym?

“Before that I was enrolled in the gym, but the motivation wasn’t always there. At first it was okay, and after two months, we didn’t want to go anymore. I postponed my session to the next day and finally didn’t go there at all…

Then I decided to exercise at home to feel better about myself. And I've been using FizzUp for 4 years! Not saying I'm always on top, but it's easier to get up off the couch to work out at home than to go to the gym!

Until this challenge, I didn't consider it a limitation. On the contrary, I enjoyed doing it! I feel fitter, I'm motivated, and I have more energy. I no longer postpone my session until the next day, even if I am exhausted at the end of the day, having a group of people supporting me always helps motivate me. »

what is your favourite show?

"For my transformation, I chose the 'weight loss' program which is based on cardio. To my surprise, I haven't had many difficulties. Currently, I'm on HIIT HR and there are a lot of Burpees in it! Better and better and I motivate myself especially by seeing the results.”

The last word

I'm still so excited! You have passed this master of not giving in to the temptation to give up everything. You should never give up. If you stay motivated and follow your program to the end, there's no reason why it won't work!

I also understood that there is not only physical change and that sport is above all a luxury on a daily basis. »

Marina gives you her opinion on the FizzUp Transformation Challenge to relive the sport and finally find a good balance in life. Will you take action, too?


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