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Let's Move: How To Assemble As Many Moves As Possible

 Let's Move: How To Assemble As Many Moves As Possible

Let the challenge begin.

Let's Move for a Better World is a campaign launched and promoted by Technogym to raise awareness among people, communities and organizations about the problems related to obesity and encourage them to adopt a more active lifestyle for a better health in the world.

For clubs that adopt mywellness technology, this event is a defining moment of the season, for various reasons:

  • Member loyalty
  • - Acquisition of new members
  • Confirmation of the brand in the territory.

In this article, we'll explain how the campaign unfolds, what it contains, the benefits of participating for clubs, and the rules to follow to make the event a success.

The Let's Move for a Better World campaign takes place once a year, from 11-30 March for the 2019 edition. As mentioned earlier, its social goal is very clear, and thus the campaign aims to engage as many people as possible. It is presented by Technogym and registered clubs as a real "challenge", a challenge. Clubs are responsible for defining the terms of the event and promoting it.

Point by point, we will analyze the three main reasons why the club should participate in the initiative.

Organizing an event for its members is always welcome, especially when they are seen as the movers and promoters.

They will have the freedom to involve people from outside the club, they can be part of a team and become the club's image ambassadors.

In this case, it concerns only people who do not know the club, it is advisable to welcome back the former customers of the club who did not renew their subscription.

An event of this magnitude should first of all reach the people who were very close to the club by giving them an "emotional" impulse to do it again.

It is therefore essential to inform them that they will not feel any 'embarrassment' approaching an environment they are already familiar with.

There are also the real "newbies", prospects approaching the club for the first time, in the context of maximum agreement, strong emotions and different enthusiasm.

It will be necessary to properly assess their inclusion in the structure, they are already new registrants who should be followed up with the utmost care and respect.

People who move crowds don't go unnoticed.

Let's Move is an excellent opportunity to create movement and generate interest in your club of organizations, associations and companies that live and work in the area, with whom it may be beneficial to establish partnerships.

What makes Let's Move for a Better World unique is also the movement tracking, and thus the unit of measure that makes it possible to determine the ratings and winners: the moves.

TECHNOGYM MOVEMENT is a way to measure the physical activity that unites us all. It is based on the actual movement of the body, and allows to measure and compare the level of activity of the participants during the campaign. The more people move and the faster, the more moves they collect.

Thus, we can advise which clubs want to participate, and why not win, to arm themselves with the will, to program actions, mini-events and incentive measures that allow to transfer enthusiasm to an army of “simulators” subscribers or not, who will accumulate movements for the duration of the challenge.

There are many strategies that are very successful in Italy, and they are not related to specific types of training, because they are very much related to each person and their ability to synthesize movements, but the programming of situations that can encourage participants to go beyond their limits. Out of enthusiasm and joy to participate in an extraordinary event.

Increase working hours

If Let's Move participants, whether they are customers or not, are asked to make an effort, the clubs should be the first to lead by example. It is possible to accumulate more movements each day, so if logistical and human conditions allow, why not extend the club's opening hours?

More hours, especially during the Let's Move campaign, often means reaching more people who can work harder.

A challenge within a challenge

Motivating subscribers is a permanent task that every club pursues throughout the year with steadfastness and perseverance.

If you are looking for more movements, then more stimulation will be required, so we recommend organizing several challenges during this period, which can involve as many people as possible. In other words, during the Let's Move campaign, the clubs must offer internal club challenges, which can be individual or in teams, which anticipate challenges between men and women, between members over 40 against under 40, and team challenges . Of 10 or more people, created directly by coaches.

Cardiovascular exercise all the way

The key is to get a lot of moves quickly.

Group cycling classes and hours spent on the treadmill or on bikes help the focus to put together the moves quickly. Arrange the cardio circuit with a little imagination, for example by asking employees to challenge marathon runners on the treadmill, or organize a 24-hour challenge on the bike. For example, if you have 15 bikes, you can create 15 teams of 8 members that take turns 24 hours a day to put together as many moves as possible. Real fighters.

Yellow suits the night

As we mentioned above, extending working hours and organizing additional challenges to keep you motivated is worth the party from time to time. It may be useful to organize some parties during this period, with aperitif and music, training sessions with DJs and night training to collect the movements and enjoy a good company. Deserves all the effort.

Il n'existe pas de séance idéale pour accumuler des Moves , il est en revanche possible de laisser libre cours à son imagination et d'impliquer le clubs grand nombre de personnes, afin de remplir d'énergie et de couleur le plus de In the world.

Let the challenge begin!


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