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Improve your performance with tailored training programs

 Improve your performance with tailored training programs

In the summer of 2016, the New Yorker published an article in which he estimated Usain Bolt's time at a distance of one mile (1.6 kilometres). The only problem: It turns out that Usain Bolt has not come this far in his career as an athlete. With 94 kilograms for 1.95 metres, his time was certainly not unusual, but it was the lack of data, as confirmed by his coach, that surprised above all those who do not follow high-level sports. Bolt's mostly anaerobic training wasn't going to help him over 400 yards, and his long distance training wasn't going to help him with his beautiful explosive accelerations.

It may seem counterintuitive, but performance-based training involves and balances the whole body, and no one would have thought that Bolt's physique was unbalanced. The optimum strength offered by these programs includes body control and improved movement quality. Performance-based training - whatever type it is - has a more holistic approach.

From generic old-fashioned exercise sheets to today's high-profile programs that allow you to train for specific performances, "Tailored" fitness allows you to achieve your goals and align your entire body.

Performance-oriented training with skills

It is not only a sophisticated piece of equipment that offers continuous monitoring of physical level and performance, but it is also a tool for targeted training programs. Target what? This depends on the goals. Skills training, for example, is a new method focused on improving performance, with programs based on four key skills: strength, agility, speed, and endurance. The program is divided into four categories - Boost, Mighty, Brave, and Fast - each with varying degrees of severity and different types of equipment. Skills training, which has only found its way into specialist centers, is one of the most advanced programs in the fitness world, but its performance-oriented training programs have popped up all over the place, and they continue to generate interest.

High intensity interval training

The father of modern performance-oriented training programs is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a training method runners always use due to the cardio efficiency of running and alternate medium-intensity sprints. HIIT has become a major trend over the past 10 years, when physiologists also began conducting studies to prove its true advantage over a regimen that targets heart rhythm.

Although there are many HIIT programs online and in fitness centers that alternate between aerobic and small-weight exercises, the only high-intensity training for researchers is aerobic exercise, which lasts from 1 to 5 minutes and at least during which the subject reaches 80. % of his maximum heart rate. Under these conditions, VO2max increases, which is the maximum amount of oxygen the body uses per unit time for an individual performing physical activity that involves large muscle groups.

The best way to start a performance-based training program is to measure your fitness level through a series of assessments and identify the strengths and weaknesses that you should focus on in effective training. Because it is also a question of efficiency. More and more personalized workouts allow you to get better results - safer and longer - with perfectly calibrated sessions that reduce lost time.


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