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Improve your mood with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

 Improve your mood with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Why HIIT helps you live better and why to combine it with mindfulness techniques. The science behind it all

HIIT is the training technology of the moment: this statement is validated by the great success it has with fitness enthusiasts and gymnastics clubs, who are increasingly attracted by formulas that meet training needs.In a short time and effective results.

So what are the benefits of HIIT, how does it help de-stress, and are we able to manage and control our terrible days?

HIIT technology guarantees effective results for a toned body thanks to a high calorie consumption that continues even after the end of the class. It allows you to achieve a full body performance, and increase the awareness of the body that will help you lose weight through high calorie expenditure.

But on the other hand, getting away from the daily routine and going to the gym, or jogging to your favorite training place, when you are overburdened with tasks and obligations, is more difficult and exhausting.

There are many factors that cause stress, and work often takes the lion's share. But there is a treatment to manage stress through exercise and it's called HIIT.

Fight stress with HIIT

If work stress is on your nerves, HIIT-based exercise will help you beat stress and improve your physical and mental state. And that's not all: HIIT allows people with a stressful job to benefit from intense training: the more intense the training, the greater the anti-stress benefits. Researchers at the University of Arizona have shown that reducing stress through HIIT increases job satisfaction by 19%. Researchers have found a strong relationship between exercise intensity and reduced stress, and thus increased job satisfaction. The study even noted an improvement in personality traits, including more openness and friendliness toward others. Not only are jobs notorious for stress,

The perfect alliance between HIIT and Mindfulness

Although they seem far from each other, HIIT and mindfulness meditation are two realms that, if coordinated properly, can become key to achieving your fitness goals. According to many professionals, it is important that HIIT training is performed with the same awareness as other traditional courses in body/mind disciplines, such as yoga or Pilates.

To achieve mindfulness, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines: first of all, knowing the purpose of the exercises is fundamental to giving reason to the HIIT technique we do. Your athletic trainer explains which muscles you will activate and how your body should feel during the movement.

To reach a state of alertness and get results from HIIT, you need to be fully aware of what you're doing, no matter how fast you're doing. On the other hand, if you don't fully understand the purpose of the exercise you're doing, it's hard to get the response you're supposed to get, especially during HIIT sessions. Using the right muscles means avoiding injury and getting the results you want.

The Takeaway: Practices to Improve Mindfulness During a HIIT Session

While warming up, it is important to give yourself an intention and a goal to achieve during the session. Getting the most out of the session means getting into a winning mentality and at the same time enjoying exciting things.

Always while warming up it is good to be fully aware of your body and receive the messages it is sending us. Is it a day to push the effort, or is it better to just take it easy? Do you feel muscle tension? It is therefore important, once the warm-up is complete, that you begin a HIIT session tailored to your individual needs and goals. This is possible thanks to the Technogym app, the Technogym product that allows you to reach your goals quickly, by offering you a customized program that adapts to your progress and lifestyle.

Every day, the app offers you the most suitable workout, combining scientific research, artificial intelligence, and engaging and motivating video content. The training possibilities are limitless. Choose from routines, sessions, lessons, and signature program, and you'll find all kinds of workouts to suit your needs: HIIT, bodybuilding, stretching, boxing, yoga and much more, with or without equipment.

 Train with energy from the best trainers who will show you how to do the exercises well and motivate you to achieve excellent results. Access your personal session, services and results anywhere, anytime - at home, in the gym, while traveling, in the office or outdoors - with a Technogym ID that allows you to log into your personal space on all Technogym Ecosystem touch points: an app Smartphone, equipment consoles and website.


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