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Improve breathing while running

 Improve breathing while running

Find out how to improve breathing while running. During a race, there are certain factors that influence us to do this activity more efficiently. Learning to control your breathing will make you perform better in training and competitions. In addition, it will prevent the appearance of certain problems such as flatus.

How to improve breathing while running

These are some of the keys that will help you improve your breathing while running. Don't forget to take a note!

Pay attention to the type of frequency

For running with medium or moderate steps, use the frequency 2: 2, that is, you must take two steps during the inhale and two more steps during the exhalation.

If you are running a series or a fast run, the ideal frequency is 1:2. Finally, for warm-ups or easy runs, you can choose a 3:3 frequency.

It is likely that at first it will be difficult for you to pay attention to this aspect and that it will be somewhat complicated for you. However, once you get used to it, it will greatly help in controlling your breathing while running.

Use your nose and mouth

The most effective way to breathe is through the nose and mouth, where more oxygen enters.

For very light jogging or warming up, you can only use your nose, but if you do intense exercise, you should use both tubes.

Keep your breath steady

In circuits where there is a constant ups and downs, controlling breathing is really complicated. It is very important for the runner to try to maintain stability. To do this, you have to forget about the speed set by the clock and try to climb a little slower and in a controlled way. Descents will be useful for recovery from previous exertion.

If you muddle the slopes, the fearful flatus will likely appear.

Do specific breathing exercises

When you're finished, do some basic stretching and repeat several times for deep, controlled breaths. For example, inhale and hold the air for a few seconds before slowly releasing it.

Yoga is an activity that helps you control your breathing. In addition, it is very effective for runners, as flexibility increases and a number of other advantages are obtained.

Why is it important to learn to control your breath?

The main reasons why you should learn to control your breathing while running are the following:

  • Muscles gain more oxygen.
  • There is an improvement in the nervous system.
  • You will avoid problems like flatus, which can make you stop in the middle of a race.
  • A strengthening of the lungs is created.
  • The runner will feel less tired and fatigued.


In short, to improve breathing while running, it is necessary to pay attention to certain factors such as using the nose and mouth to allow more oxygen in, controlling the frequency, maintaining stability, etc. All this will make you work more efficiently and prevent problems such as flatulence.

Remember that you can also do some exercises that will be useful to improve the way you breathe during the race.


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