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How to turn your living room into a gym

How to turn your living room into a gym

No need to put your foot in the gym to build muscle, lose weight or stay in shape. With the right equipment and a few tips, you can benefit from equally effective home training to achieve your goal. Our advice.

Budget ric-rac, not having a gym nearby, savoring individual sports... A set of personal reasons motivate you to train at home and join the huge community of home training enthusiasts. To get a complete and effective workout like in the gym and achieve your goal (improve yourself, gain muscle or get fit), first consider equipping yourself with good equipment.

Lightweight equipment for effective training

Even if you want to train with body weight, having the basic equipment allows you to vary sessions and diversify your practice.

Fun and stimulating, adding free weights ensures that you will not get bored over time and will follow a rewarding progression curve in your results.

With FizzUp's adaptive and customized workout program, workouts with equipment add just the right amount of intensity and resistance to spice up your workouts. The strength of basic and inexpensive accessories such as dumbbells or rubber bands is based on the principle of gradual overload, by increasing the load, sets, repetitions, duration of exercises, etc. As a result, you step out of your comfort zone, push your limits and reveal your athletic potential.

No need to waste time going to the gym, you reach your goal while maintaining complete freedom in your schedule. And you avoid blowing up your entertainment budget on an annual subscription that you're not sure will turn a profit.

The right choice of accessories

No need to equip yourself with a whole bunch of new fitness accessories or invest in bulky machines, think in a light and practical way. In other words, go for small gear that's easy to stow quickly and that won't be in the middle of your living room at dinnertime.

Even if you're full of enthusiasm thinking about your own home gym, be methodical in purchasing equipment and ask yourself the right questions: What is your goal? What type of training do you want to do: cardio, muscle strengthening, HIIT, circuit training...? By targeting your needs, you will easily find the most suitable equipment in the fitness store without scattering the useless accessories that will remain in the closet.

Another tip: Choose versatile equipment that allows you to work in different ways and target all or several muscle groups.

The basics at home

Floor Mat: Essential for floor-strengthening exercises, cardio, yoga, and especially abdominal muscles, it is an ally to your workouts as in FizzUp's ABS.

Dumbbells: 1, 2, 5, 10 kilograms or more, they allow you to work the upper and lower body, build muscle, work on your blasting and gain muscle mass. For use without moderation in many FizzUp programs (Build, DB800, Irongirl, Centurion...).

Elastic Bands: These elastic resistance bands are ideal for stretching muscle groups while still maintaining your joints. Arms, upper body, legs and abdomen, strengthen your entire body in Elastics 1 and 2

TRX: Do you want to become a professional in clothing packaging, train differently and develop your strength? Choose hanging straps that you can easily hang on your door. To be tested in the RX70 software.

Swiss Ball: This large ball challenges your balance, strengthens your deep muscles (especially your back and abdomen) and helps you relax. Take advantage of its strengths in the Swiss football programme.

Pull-up bar: Useful for training specific movements such as pull-ups or muscle-tightening, or for full-body and athletic preparation sessions. To be tested in Draw 1 and 2, Unlimited, Stronger, Firefighter Programs...

 furnished space

You choose your equipment, and it remains to arrange your training ground. No need to order a whole room, the transparent space of 2-5 square meters is enough to put your rug, accessories and your water bottle.

And if you're afraid of losing your D-Day motivation, the day before you can put your gear in a conspicuous place, take out your rug, and get your clothes ready.


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